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    Concept Art Shows Lady Sif In A Deleted Scene From ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

    Chris Hemsworth’s fourth Thor film “Thor: Love and Thunder” is currently running in theatres worldwide. The film is directed by popular director Taika Waititi. An artist who worked on the film recently shared some concepts showing Lady Sith exploring caves.

    According to the sources, the scene was shot but did not make it to the final cut. Apart from this many other scenes featuring some MCU gods were cut during the editing phase of the movie.

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    Lady Sif Sidelined Despite Being An Warrior

    Lady Sif
    Lady Sif

    Though Natalie and Alexander were not seen in “Thor: Ragnorak” they were cast in “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

    Alexander plays the role of Lady Sif who is a tenacious Asgardian warrior and is also a friend of Thor. She also appeared in ‘Loki‘ which was released last year by Disney+. She was previously seen in ‘Thor,’ ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ and ‘Agents of Shield’.

    Apart from being in the love triangle in ‘Thor: The Dark World, Lady Sif doesn’t play any major role in Thor films. She being an elegant warrior deserves to play a bigger role in this but she is often sidelined. Though fans wanted to see her back again on the big screen again, she wasn’t given much to be a part of.

    Concept Art Shows Lady Sif At “Falligar the Behemoth”

    Deleted concept art image of Thor: Love and Thunder
    Deleted concept art image of Thor: Love and Thunder

    Recently, it was revealed that many scenes were deleted from the Thor sequel, one of the scenes depicted Lady Sif exploring the cave of the slain god.

    The scene starts before her official scene in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. She is shown exploring Falligar the Behemoth’s cave and shrine. The first part of the concept art shows Sif standing in front of a shrine inside the ice cave. The next shot depicts Lady Sif entering the ice cave.

    The next image shows Sif wielding a sword while she is entering the ice cave. After this, we see a different angle of Lady Sif in front of the shrine. Lastly, the art concluded by showing Lady Sif looking toward Falligar the Behemoth as he lies dead on the ground.

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