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Daniel Radcliffe Addresses The Rumors Of His Casting As Wolverine In Marvel Universe?

MCU fans never disappoint us to amaze. Since the arrival of Iron Man 1 in 2008 and the start of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are known to make popular guesses and fan castings. This time they have managed to amaze The Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. The fans have made a casting that has made to the news and to Daniel himself.

Following the enormously successful Spider-Man trilogy, Marvel Studios is presently prepping MCU remakes. This includes X-Men and Fantastic Four, with Kevin Feige now in complete charge of the Marvel brand.

Is Daniel Radcliffe The Wolverine?

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe addressed reports that he would be portraying Wolverine in the MCU during a conversation. It was with Phase Zero at the SXSW launch of The Lost City.

When asked if he knew about the popular fan-casting, Radcliffe said, “So many people come up to me like, ‘Hey man, I heard the Wolverine news, that’s really cool.’ And I’m like, ‘Mate, it’s not, I don’t know anything about it.’”

The Harry Potter star went on to express his gratitude for being a part of the popular conversation, and said, “Like, I appreciate that somebody has clearly gone, ‘Wolverine is actually short in the comic books, we should get a short guy to do it.’ But I don’t see them going from Hugh Jackman to me afterward, but who knows. Prove me wrong, Marvel.”

Why Daniel Might Not Be The Best Choice

Wolverine in the comics
Wolverine in the comics

Daniel Radcliffe has been a fan of Wolverine for a long time. Owing to his tiny size, but otherwise, the British actor has little resemblance to Wolverine. Marvel’s Canadian Wolverine has always been depicted as having a temper to match his height and being a bit of a rough kid. These are the attributes that Radcliffe would struggle to equal.

The Harry Potter alum is undoubtedly a talented actor who would be ideal for a position within Marvel cinematic universe, yet Logan may not be the right match for him. Nightcrawler, Nova, and Constantine are all famous heroic fan-casts for Radcliffe, and all of them would be far more appropriate.

Who Might Play Wolverine for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men?

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

After Hugh Jackman’s nearly two-decade run as Wolverine, whoever takes over the role in the future will have some big shoes to fill. Whenever it comes to revamping the X-Men again for MCU, Kevin Feige and his team will almost probably have the most difficult time casting the mutant hero.

There’s no word on when Wolverine will make his MCU debut. However, some speculations suggest he’ll show up in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness as a non-Jackman variant. If the rumors are true, it’s unknown if this will be a one-off Variant appearance or the MCU’s first Mutant’s actual introduction.

The news of casting for the remakes of The fantastic four and X-Men might come during the San Diego Comic-Con. Fans will have to wait until then.

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