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    ‘Deadpool 3’ Trailer Breakdown: Deadpool And Wolverine, Easter Eggs, Doctor Doom And Secret Wars

    “The Marvel Jesus is here”! Deadpool 3 finally released its trailer at the Super Bowl 2024. With the title of the film finally uncovered, the trailer drops multiple easter eggs, a few Disney jokes, and references to previous Marvel films. ‘Deadpool 3 is the most awaited film of the year because of Ryan Renold’s character making the official entry into Marvel and Hugh Jackman‘s anticipated return as Wolverine after seven years.

    The trailer drop drew the attention of various minute details, especially with Deadpool’s humor as he the an R-rated character. The film is said to set up a foundation for ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ as well as take the fans on a nostalgic trip with clippings of previous ‘Avengers projects’.

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    Deadpool 3′ Confirms The Time Travel At The End Of ‘Deadpool 2

    Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    ‘Deadpool 2’ ended with a time jump, and ‘Deadpool 3’ seemed to have picked up from it. The trailer begins with the celebration of Wade Wilson’s birthday along with his X-force team and his wife Vanesa. Wilson mentions that the past few years have been difficult.

    Now this statement might indicate two things, the first being that Wade has retried from being a superhero, and is working as a means to earn money. But it might also be indicating the merger between Fox and Marvel studios.

    Throughout the trailer, Deadpool manages to throw shade on Disney, living up to the name Merc with a Mouth. The time jump is confirmed as Wade is now facing the consequences as a version of Time Variance Authority, kidnaps him, introducing the viewers to a TVA version that is different from ‘Loki’s.

    Deadpool 3′ Draws Reference To Previous Marvel Films

    Wade Wilson saluting Captain America
    Wade Wilson saluting Captain America

    The trailer then takes the viewers to a version of TVA. The segment most likely resembles a scene from Loki, when the God of Mischief was taken around TVA by Mobius, after capturing him. ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ also feature multiple references to the MCU.

    As Mr. Paradox offers Wade the chance to become a hero, the viewers can see multiple TVA monitors featuring scenes from ‘Age of Ultron’, and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Also, it is hilariously difficult to miss Wade Wilson saluting Captain America. One of SHIELD’s Helicarriers is also seen in the vast wastelands featured in the trailer 

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    Deadpool 3′ Sets A Foundation Of ‘Avengers: Secret’ Wars And A Speculative Appearance Of Doctor Doom

    Deadpool 3
    Deadpool 3

    Towards the end of the trailer, as Deadpool is beaten to the ground, a blurred, torn Marvel comic is seen. The magazine belongs to the storyline of ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ with Doctor Doom on its cover page.

    This is not the first time, Marvel has teased the fans through introducing comics into the film. Even in ‘Captain America: The First Avengers’, the distribution of the Captain America comic was spotted.

    This is a clear indication that Marvel has moved away from the Kang- the Conqueror storyline due to the Jonathan Majors controversy and is now moving ahead with ‘Avengers: Secret War’. Also, an unidentified masked man who initially looks like it could be a version of Doctor Doom, the archnemesis of the ‘Fantastic Four’.

    In the 2015 storyline of ‘Avengers: Secret War’ comic, Doom emerges as the one to first reshape reality, becoming God Emperor Doom and ruling over his multiversal kingdom, Battleworld.

    References From Previous Deadpool Film Itself

    Recreation of the iconic scene from Deadpool
    Recreation of the iconic scene from Deadpool

    It is a well-known fact that Deadpool is the most fouled-mouth hero to exist, hence making him an R-rated character. Near the end of the trailer, Deadpool is surrounded by TVA agents when he throws up a hand and tells them all to wait.

    This reflects the highway scene in the first ‘Deadpool’ movie when Deadpool explains why he wears a red suit. Also the reference to pegging, “Pegging isn’t new for me, friendo, but it is for Disney,” taking a jab at Disney in a classic Deadpool tone.

    Also ‘Deadpool One’ dropped a hint about the possibility of Wolverine making an appearance. As in the beginning introduction scene, Wade breaks from the scene and directly addresses the camera saying what he had to do to get his solo movie, and in a hushed voice he says, “Poolverine”.

    Reunion Of The X-Men Characters


    ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ trailer also features some references to past Marvel films produced by Fox including the ‘X-Men’ franchise, as well as 20th Century Fox itself. The first was the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

    Throughout the trailer, he is showcased only twice, the first being in a casino scene, with only his back shown, but the distinctive hairstyle, but recognizable. And towards the end of the trailer, Wolverine is seen in his classic yellow suit from the comics attacking Deadpool.

    Near the end of the trailer, Deadpool is also thrown against the half-buried 20th Century Fox logo, confirming that the original Fox universe was likely destroyed by the TVA, assuming these wastelands are indeed the Void at the End of Time from ‘Loki’. The same wastelands also feature none other than Pyro who was first seen in ‘X2’ and ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’.

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