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    ‘Fantastic Four’ To Introduce Valeria Richards Aka Brainstorm Along With Franklin Richards

    Marvel has just announced an interesting update about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Apart from casting some new faces, the reboot will also feature two new superheroes. If you have read the comics then you must have already guessed who they are. 

    Yes, we are talking about none other than Valeria and Franklin Richards. They are the kids of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. In phases five and six, Marvel is gearing up to announce two of these most powerful superheroes through ‘Fantastic Four’. The movie will also have a very powerful antagonist. 

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    Who Are Valeria And Franklin Richards? 

    Franklin and Valeria Richards
    Franklin and Valeria Richards

    Valeria and Franklin Richards are the super powerful daughter and son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. In the Marvel comics, both of them possess several superhuman powers along with superhuman intelligence. In the movies, it is rumored that they will be part of an alternate universe and a narrative where they are already established superheroes. 

    Valeria Richards is also known as Brainstorm in the comics. Unlike the other flashy powers of superheroes, Valeria’s powerful weapon is her mind. She possesses superhuman intelligence and an aptitude for invention and technology. Apart from this, she also possesses a superior version of her mother’s invisibility powers. 

    Franklin Richards is also one of the most powerful superheroes of Marvel. Although just a kid in the comics, his powers are quite strong from an early age. His most notable power is the ability to wrap reality, sometimes even at a cosmic level. His other powers also include telepathy, telekinesis, energy blasts of concussive force, precognition, and astral projection. 

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    Fantastic Four’ Will Have A Star Studded Cast

    Fantastic Four
    Fantastic Four

    Marvel is set to introduce a star studded cast for the future ‘Fantastic Four‘ reboot movie. British actor Ralph Ineson has been announced to play the role of antagonist Galactus. While Pedro Pascal will step into the shoes of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. 

    Vanessa Kirby will be seen as Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, Reed Richards’ love interest and later his wife. While Joseph Quinn will be playing Sue’s brother Johnny Storm or Human Torch, Ebon Moss-Bachrach will play Richards’ friend Ben Grimm or The Thing.

    Reports are that Julia Garner and Paul Walter Hauser have also joined the cast. While Garner will be playing Silver Surfer, Hauser’s role has not been disclosed yet. The actors who will be playing Valeria and Franklin Richards have not been disclosed either. 

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