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    How Powerful Is Marvel’s Adam Warlock? Will He Appear With Soul Stone In the MCU?

    The Marvel character Adam Warlock is all set for his big-screen debut in ‘Guardians of Galaxy: Vol 3’ after a post-credit appearance in ‘Guardians of Galaxy: Vol 2’. Will Poulter will be seen playing Adam Warlock, one of the essential cosmic Marvel characters. A trailer of ‘Guardians of Galaxy: Vol 3’ gave the fans a peek at Warlock, the one who carries the Soul Stone in comics. But the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ led to events that erased the existence of Soul Stone from the current MCU timeline.

    Adam Warlock, previously known as Him, was created by a group of researchers who called themselves Enclave. Later, Him was reborn and named Warlock by High Evolutionary, who gave him direction, purpose, and the Soul Stone. His allies were the Fantastic Four and Guardians of the Galaxy, meanwhile, one of Warlock’s archenemies in the Marvel comics is Thanos. Warlock is extremely powerful, his powers rival that of Carol Deveners’ and potentially surpasses her as well which the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy will focus on.

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    Adam Warlock’s Powers Explained

    Adam Warlock

    Adam Warlock’s powers in the comics are similar to that of Captain Marvel but with the ability to regenerate, he might become the strongest MCU character. Originally Him possessed superhuman strength and durability, almost labeled as the living god. He has the ability to manipulate energy and matter. Him’s most formidable power is that he is immune to death- every time his body deteriorates, he is reborn in the form of a cocoon which makes him immortal. Him became Adam Warlock after possession of the soul stone.

    Out of all the hosts the Soul Stone has bonded with, it is stated that Adam Warlock was the most powerful of all. Warlock’s perception travels far beyond the basic five senses of humanity. He is gifted with cosmic awareness- meaning Warlock can sense almost anything going on in the universe which requires concentration. But unlike energy manipulation, he was granted this power much later.

    Adam Warlock calls himself the cosmic sorcerer because of his ability to manipulate mystical energy. He uses the energy to merge different multiversal timelines and realities. It is not surprising that Warlock can even resist the Time Stone’s time-freezing capabilities. Because of the unsatisfactory end of ‘Guardians of Galaxy: Vol 2’, fans predict Warlock will initially appear as a villain to take revenge against the Guardians, whereas according to the comics, he was hardly painted as the antagonist.

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    Will Warlock Appear With The Soul Stone?

    Adam Warlock

    Soul Stone played a monumental part in the MCU’s third phase: ‘Avengers: Infinity Stone’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’. However, after the ‘Infinity War’ Thanos destroyed the soul stone as well the other infinity stone from the timeline. But since Adam Warlock is the actual host of the soul stone, will ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3’ replace the soul stone or bring it back? Seems like the words of Ancient One will finally come true.

    After the ‘Endgame’, The Infinity Stones have been mentioned in ‘Loki‘ at the beginning of Phase Four. During the ‘Endgame’, the Ancient One warned that the lack of the stone would release forces of darkness, but the repercussions haven’t been shown in the MCU yet. There are chances that the soul stone will debut as the Ego stone. The introduction of Ego Stone might be an important turn of events in the potential sequel to ‘Eternals’, as Sersi shares a special connection with the gem in Marvel Comics. But if Ego Stone is introduced in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3’, it would reinvent Adam Warlock and the backstory of the Infinity Stones might finally be revealed. 

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