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    “The Flirtation Would Be Funny”: Jaimie Alexander Wants Lady Sif To Team Up With Iron Man As She Pitches An MCU Series Featuring Another ‘Thor’ Character

    Jaimie Alexander has been an important part of the Marvel Universe. Even with limited screen-time in the movies, she had recurring part as Lady Sif. She last appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder‘. Fans love her character and she wants her it to develop further.

    Jaimie’s Lady Sif almost died in the movie but was healed later. Currently, her character is in New Asgard but the actress wants something new, a series, in which she wants to be paired up with Iron Man.

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    Jaimie Alexander Wants Lady Sif And Iron Man To Team Up

    Iron Man and Lady Sif
    Iron Man and Lady Sif

    Through ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’, many characters got a new beginning in the MCU including Lady Sif. Surprisingly her character almost died in the movie but was healed on time, but she lost one arm. Since then, she has been living in the New Asgard and began training with Heimdall’s son, Axl Heimdallson, and other children with Valkyrie.

    While speaking with Superhero Comic Con, Jaimie Alexander revealed the plan on her mind. She wants to pair up with Iron Man. Jaimie said, “I really like Iron Man. The flirtation would be funny because I think Lady Sif would punch him in the face”.

    Robert Downey Jr.’s return to Marvel would seems like a dream come true for many Marvel fans. Iron Man’s death was like the end of MCU for many fans. Downey Jr. also shared his views about on to the franchise. He feels that the role is in his DNA as it was his breakthrough role and quite like his own persona. The Oscar-winning actor might return in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’.

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    Jaimie Wants To Play Lady Sif As Long As She Can

    Lady Sif
    Lady Sif

    During the interview, Jaimie admitted that wants to continue playing the role of Lady Sif as long as she can. She’s interested in starting a series on Disney+ that will be focused on her character. She and her team are working on finding a perfect storyline for the series.

    She added that her team stumbled on a character for which Thor fans are waiting. Jaimie said, “This is something my team and I have explored a little bit, my team and I have pitched a show with Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill”.

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