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    Moon Knight Super Bowl Trailer Reveals The Main Antagonist, Ethan Hawk to Play Dr. Arthur Harrow

    Marvel’s upcoming series, Moon Knight got itself a newly released trailer under The Super Bowl. The new trailer shows many glimpses of Mark Spector in his superhero suit. Moreover, the trailer gives some insight into the central antagonist’s part. The antagonist for Moon Knight will be Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. For him, this series will be the first step into MCU.

    Moon Knight And Arthur Harrow

    Arthur Harrow
    Arthur Harrow

    Moon Knight is an upcoming Marvel series that’ll hit the Disney+ screens on the 30th of March. The series follows the story of a mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant who’s slowly losing the balance between reality and hallucinations. Soon, he comes to know that he homes an alter ego Mark Spector in his body. And by the night, he’s superhero Moon Knight. The series, however, is the first-ever iteration of the comic character in MCU. Thus, it is surrounded by much anticipation from the audience’s side. As revealed, it’s going to be a dark, and gritty series, a partly new venture for Marvel.

    Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
    Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

    The central antagonist is revealed to be Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. Arthur Harrow, in the comics, is an exceptional scientist with great intellect. However, Harrow in the comics is partially paralyzed. The scientist, however, is discovered to be experimenting with his research on humans. The research follows torturous methods applied to the human subjects. Moreover, Harrow follows Nazi Science for his research. And that’s why he appears in Moon Knight’s vision who’s directed by Khonsu to prevent Harrow of his doings.

    Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow In The Newly Released Trailer

    Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight
    Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow 

    The trailer, however, paints Harrow as some sort of a cult leader. He appears in monotone clothes and people bow before him. One thing that the trailers are great at is maintaining secrecy. Although the trailers are full of action and many suggestive scenes, they cleverly prevent the story to be revealed even partly. In addition, this is Moon Knight’s first stint on the screens. So, the audience is positively and wholly confused about the new series by Marvel.

    In the new trailer, Harrow is seen holding a cane with two engraved crocodile heads on it. As the comics depict, Moon Knight mainly consists of the mysteries around Egyptian mythology. Khonsu, who revives Mark Spector as Moon Knight is an Egyptian God himself. The cane and the purple energy it emits hints at Harrow being a sphinx from Egyptian religion who takes the form of a humanoid crocodile. The creature is known as an Ammut. Evidently, the traits are suggesting Hawke’s Harrow be in service of the Egyptian Gods who in turn have gifted him some superpowers.

    All the hints and proposed theories are soon going to be debunked as Moon Knight premieres on the 30th of this March. Seems like the six-episode dark series has many surprises to be revealed that’ll give a new aspect to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

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