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    Nicolas Cage Set To Star In Amazon Prime Video’s Spider-Man ‘Noir’ Live-Action Series

    Sony’s ‘Spider-verse’ star Nicolas Cage, who voiced Spider-Man Noir or Spider-Noir, will reprise his role, however, this time in a live-action series. Amazon Prime has confirmed that Cage will be playing the role of live-action Spider-Man Noir in the upcoming original series, ‘Noir’.

    It was previously reported that the ‘Ghost Rider’ star is in talks with Prime Video for the live-action series and now the deal is finally sealed. It will be the first time that Cage will be part of a regular television part.

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    Nicolas Cage Will Returns As Spider-Man Noir But For Live-Action Series

    Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    At Amazon’s Upfront presentation, they revealed that Nicolas Cage will officially be putting on the Spider-Man Noir for the live-action series. The head of television at Amazon MGM Studios gave a statement on this news.

    Sanders said, “Expanding the Marvel universe with Noir is a uniquely special opportunity and we are honored to bring this series to our global Prime Video customers. The extremely talented Nicolas Cage is an ideal choice for our new superhero and the accomplished producing team with Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Amy Pascal, and the incredible team at Sony is dedicated to expanding this franchise in the most authentic way.”

    In addition to Sanders, the President of Sony Pictures Television Studios also expressed excitement about bringing Nicolas Cage as live-action Spider-Man Noir. She said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Nicolas Cage starring in this series! No one else could bring such pathos, pain, and heart to this singular character. Along with our brilliant producers and partners at Amazon MGM Studios and Prime Video, we couldn’t ask for a better team to explore this reimagining of such an iconic character in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

    Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal from the ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ returns as the executive producers. It is the second Sony-Marvel project that will be produced in incorporation with Amazon Studios. Before this, a live-action series on another Spidey from the multiverse, ‘Silk: Spider Society’ was announced.

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    History Of Spider-Man Noir

    Spider-Man Noir
    Spider-Man Noir (Image via Marvel Comics)

    Spider-Man Noir debuted in the Marvel Universe in 2009 with ‘Spider-Man Noir #1’. He is Peter Parker from the Earth-90214. This version is a more vigilant take on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man during the Great Depression in New York.

    After Uncle Ben got killed by a businessman, he teams up with a reporter, Ben Urich who was working against corrupt politicians and businessmen. While investigating one of Norman Osborn’s warehouses, he comes across a Spider Idol. He mistakenly breaks it and releases a horde of Spiders. One of the spiders bites him and Peter passes out.

    He sees the Spider-God in his dream. He wakes up in a cocoon with arachnid superpowers. His powers include superstrength, agility, spider-sense, etc. In addition, this version of Spider-Man uses .45 caliber pistols and is willing to kill his enemies. He also wears Kevlar to defend himself from bullets.

    Fans saw Spider-Man Noir in season 3 of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ TV series. He also appeared in some games such as Avengers Alliance. The stealth suit Tom Holland’s Spider-Man wore in ‘Far From Home’, was inspired by Noir’s look. Fans got a better look at him in the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

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