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    Ruderman Foundation Recognizes Eternals And Hawkeye For Casting Disabled Actors

    Marvel has earned another reason to celebrate their film Eternals and the Disney+ series Hawkeye. Both these projects recently received the “Seal of Authentic Representation” from the Ruderman Family Foundation. The foundation recognized these Marvel creations for showcasing disabled characters portrayed by actors with the same disabilities. The foundation seeks to motivate the inclusion of disabled people in society and recognizes the projects that pertain to this inclusivity.

    Eternals And Hawkeye Of Marvel Are Recognized For Disability Representation

    Lauren Ridloff as Makkari in Eternals
    Lauren Ridloff as Makkari in Eternals

    Makkari of Eternals and Echo of Hawkeye are shown as disabled characters homing superpowers. Moreover, the actors cast to portray these special characters Lauren Ridloff and Alaqua Cox are also specially abled. Ridloff and Cox are both deaf and Cox, additionally, uses a prosthetic leg. Consequently, the representation earned them the accolade from Ruderman Family Foundation which recognizes the films featuring disabled actors in a substantial role.

    “Makkari is full of heart and wisdom. She is strong, charismatic, mysterious, and mischievous. We are very lucky to have found Lauren Ridloff, who is our real-life Makkari!” Zhao said in a statement. “She has brought this character to life with love and conviction and has taught us so much in the process.”

    Moreover, the casting director of MCU, Sarah Finn, added, “Not only was [Ridloff] overly qualified to join an already high-level cast, she elevated the ensemble with her unique spirit, talents, and charisma. It’s been a privilege getting to know her through the process and seeing what a real-life hero she has become to so many.”

    About Alaqua Cox, she said, “Alaqua Cox’s character, Maya Lopez/Echo, is based on an existing Marvel character who is deaf and Native American.” Moreover, she added, “In casting the role, we wanted to celebrate and honor both Deaf and Native American cultures. We couldn’t be more delighted by Alaqua Cox’s performance as Echo. She is phenomenal and part of a new culture in film and television, where authentic representation not only matters but is paramount to the kind of stories we want to tell and how we shape them.”

    The Ruderman Family Foundation

    Alaqua Cox as Echo in Hawkeye
    Alaqua Cox as Echo in Hawkeye

    The foundation has earlier recognized recent projects And Just Like That, Ordinary Joe, and Only Murders in the Building. “We are gratified to witness this latest group of studio productions implement the crucial values of inclusion and authentic representation in their casting decisions,” Ruderman Foundation president Jay Ruderman.

    “These practices are increasingly becoming the norm in Hollywood, with the authentic casting of Lauren Ridloff in Eternals and Alaqua Cox in Hawkeye. They mark a particularly high-profile and momentous milestone for Marvel and the entire entertainment industry. Each time a casting director or other executive makes such a decision, it facilitates the industry’s broader journey towards fulfilling its full potential as a beacon of all forms of diversity and social justice.”

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