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    Samuel L Jackson Talks About “Secret Invasion,” “Avengers 5” And Changes His Character Will Go Through

    AVENGERS 5 is still full of secrets. The fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are dying to know what will happen to their favorite superheroes. Especially after the Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame releases.

    Nick Fury actor Samuel L Jackson gives cryptic details about the future projects. Although he also admits, “even he doesn’t know all.” The past few years have been an emotional roller coaster ride for the fans. At last, leaving them sad and confused on the MCU halt. Though the news has been released of the Avengers 5 being made, the details of the project remain closed.

    Samuel L Jackson is one of the famous Avengers actors. He has teased his return to the MCU and will go through some drastic changes after the upcoming Secret Invasion series. 

    What Did Jackson Say About Secret Invasion?

    A still from the sets of Secret Invasion
    A still from the sets of Secret Invasion

    The new Disney+ show ‘Secret Invasion’ will arrive on Disney+ in the latter part of this year. It will start with a collection of new and returning heroes. This cast includes Maria Hill and Talos and the newcomers, Emilia Clarke, of Game of Thrones fame, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

    Fury the main protagonist is the heart of the storyline. Jackson says the evolution of his character now makes him less “bad**s” than before. He also confesses that he is not always sure where the Avengers films are headed. He said: “There are things that even I didn’t know about Nick Fury that I just found out.”

    Secret Invasion will be telling the stories of inhabitants of Earth-616 during the five-year gap of the Blip. For those who do not know, The Blip was the span of time when half of the universe’s inhabitants were erased from existence by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet adorned with the Infinity Stones.

    The minds behind what happened during the Blip are fantastic,” Jackson explained. “That’s part of what we’re uncovering when we do this series now.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of Fury’s return to the screen is the changes he is going to go through. The character will not be as aggressive and authoritative as he was before.

    Jackson says Secret Wars is “giving him an opportunity to explore something other than the bada**ery of who Nick Fury is”. He further adds, “I’ve had a good time doing that, and I’m looking forward to people sharing that aspect of who he is when this series does happen.”

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