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The Falcon & Winter Soldier: The Violence Deduction Was An Accident And Not Planned

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s blood-reduction cut on Disney+ was supposedly an error. Meanwhile now, Disney is replacing the initial copy of the episode. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans recently noted that Disney+ had modified The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, on the site. They saw that the key sequences including blood and violence had disappeared. According to reports, the edits were part of a human error, right now the show is back to its original form.


The Speculations About The Violent Scenes In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Changes Scenes from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Changes Scenes from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Moreover, The Hollywood Reporter’s Ryan Parker tweeted, “Eagle-eyed fans were right, an installment of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had already been edited on Disney+.”

“It was a computer control issue, according to a reputable source, and the erroneous file was recently uploaded by accident. It is being quickly rectified.

The initial version of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming back up on Disney+,” THR’s Aaron Couch said.


Entertainment Weekly supported the allegations. It wrote, “Disney is actively attempting to resolve the problem. According to a source, this alternative clip of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was unintentionally uploaded in an attempt to rectify a credit. According to Disney, the problem will be fixed as quickly as possible.”

Disney And Its New Parental Control Feature

DIsney's New Parental Control Feature
Disney’s New Parental Control Feature

The existence of the edited scenes, according to the outlet, has something to do with Disney+’s new parental controls. The new controls implemented were to coincide with Netflix’s adult-oriented Marvel tv series. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher, all have maintained their TV-MA ratings on the platform. Further, some speculate that Disney+ is experimenting with the notion of locking more violent sequences behind parental controls. As family-friendly cuts open only to those with TV-MA-level access.

How Parental Control Feature Has Affected The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and Winter Soldier changes affected only one episode, “The Power Broker.Disney consequently deleted the blood from the sequence wherein Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) shoots and murders Dr. Nagel (Olli Haaskivi). After that, the streaming company compromised a scene where Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) tosses a pipe at an opponent. Meanwhile, the subsequent episode, “The Whole World Is Watching,” is uncut. Despite including the show’s most violent scene, in which John Walker/Captain America(Wyatt Russel) uses his shield to murder the Flag-Smasher identified as Nico (Noah Mills).


Other Tv Series Subjected To Rating Changes

HBO Max's Birds Of Prey
HBO Max’s Birds Of Prey

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. To clarify, in November fans of the DC Extended Universe discovered the rating changes of Birds of Prey on HBO Max. The R-rated edition changed to TV-14-rated television edit came as a surprise for the fans. Subsequently, WarnerMedia made a statement. They alleged that the TV cut released was incorrect. HBO Max then quickly reinstated the platform’s R-rated cut.

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