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    The Pilot Episode Of Marvel’s Moon Knight Is Highest Rated Episode Of The Franchise Till Date

    The pilot episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight dropped recently on Disney+ and the early reviews for it are ravaging. The show’s reception suggests that the show has lived up to its anticipation if not performed better only. With Moon Knight, Marvel intended to move into the unique shady realm. And unsurprisingly they’ve nailed their first move in that direction. Reviews and ratings have jointly termed the latest series as the best work of Marvel as yet.

    Moon Knight Rules The Rating Charts Upon The Release Of First Episode

    Isaac in the first episode of the show
    Isaac in a scene from the first episode of the show

    With just a single episode out, the series has registered a strong impression on the viewers. As of now, it has earned an 85% critics score and a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Moreover, it has captured IMDb, receiving a rating of 9.1/10. With its current rating, the show has left other Disney+Marvel series like WandaVision, Hawkeye, and Loki way behind. And Mark Spector’s intriguing story is yet to receive the remaining episodes. And given the current ratings, the remaining lot is expected to move uphill only.

    MCU Report gave detailed information about the show’s performance and its standing on the rating charts. Moreover, it presented a comparison between the latest Marvel project and other hits of the production on Disney+. “#MoonKnight first episode currently has a rating of 9.1/10 on IMDb which makes it the highest-rated first episode out of all the MCU Disney+ shows released so far,” MCU Report tweeted. The graphic shows WandaVision’s first episode earning a 7.4, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier earning a 7.6, Loki an 8.7, What If…? a 7, and Hawkeye a 7.6,” the tweet read.

    Moon Knight’s Future In The MCU

    Moon Knight
    Moon Knight

    Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight has entered Marvel at a time that holds way many prospects for its future. Many theories are suggesting a future crossover of Moon Knight with the Avengers. And, consequently, become a part of the core MCU. Moon Knight’s producer Grant Curtis recently opened up about the show’s future in MCU. “What I will say is this: because we delve into so many interesting tones in the tapestry we eventually weave together with this show, the action-adventure globetrotting, the bump in the night horror aspects of it, the mental health character study, the humor, I do think wherever [Marvel President] Kevin [Feige] wants this character to go in the future, I don’t think there’s any corner in the MCU that that Moon Knight cannot inhabit naturally,” Curtis explained.

    Furthermore, he explained, “And that is a testament not only to the character on the page but the character that Oscar Isaac brings to the screen. I would take this amazing cast with me. And if it can’t be this cast in the future: People, and artists-men, and crafts-women, who are at the top of their game, just like Oscar [Isaac], Ethan [Hawke], and May [Calamawy] are. That makes my job so much easier when these actors.” Moreover, Moon Knight’s lead Oscar Isaac and director have pitched in their ideas for the superhero’s future merger with other MCU heroes.

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