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    Wolverine Confirms A Beloved X-Men Hero Will Not Return To The Franchise As Death Is Written In His Fate

    Throughout the comics, no major characters have stayed dead, either by some or other means, they have been brought back from death. With heroes like Wolverine, Deadpool, or Sabertooth, death seems to be a mere joke.

    But the fate of one among these heroes has met death. And Wolverine confirmed that a beloved X-Men character will not return to the franchise anymore.

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    Wolverine And Sabertooth’s Feud Explained

    Sabertooth kills Wolverine's son
    Sabertooth kills Wolverine’s son

    The reason for Sabertooth’s death lies in his feud with Wolverine. In  Wolverine #42 created by Cory Smith, Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle, the Sabertooth War leads to his death.  After slaughtering countless mutants at the X-Force HQ at the North Pole.

    While Sabretooth variants from across the multiverse mutilate the mutants, in the process Sabertooth also kills Wolverine’s son  Akihiro aka Daken aka Fang, and scatters his body parts out in the snow for Wolverine to find.

    As Wolverine discovers the mutilated body of his son, he charges hard at Sabertooth. However, Sabretooth ties up Wolverine with adamantium bands that he stole from an Omega Red variant and lets him witness the deaths of everyone inside the fortress. Unable to save everyone, Wolverine’s revenge will only bring Sabertooth his death. 

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    Wolverine’s Son Daken Will Not Resurrect From Death

    Wolverine’s son

    As Fang lies dead, a message written above his picture reads There is no coming back, meaning a direct message to the fans that his character might not return. The Five have not been active ever since the fall of Krakoa following the Hellfire Gala Massacre, meaning the official mutant resurrection protocols are no more.

    In a way, Daken fate serves him right as he killed Frank Castle a.k.a Punisher in Dark Reign. And now no one can resurrect Daken. Akihiro who has become a beloved X-Men hero during the Krakoan era. Daken will remain dead as confirmed by Wolverine.

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