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    Disney To Make ‘Princess Diaries 3’: Everything You Need To Know

    It has been two decades since the first film of the Princess Diaries’ came out. After such a long interval, the threequel of the movie destines to come onscreen soon. Rumors and speculations have been floating around about the actors who would be part of the upcoming movie. But there are no confirmations about many aspects of the movie.

    The first two movies were based on the novels written by Meg Cabot of the same name. The original film released in 2001 was directed by Gary Marshall. It was about a weird teenage girl who finds out that she’s the heir to the throne of the fictional town of Genovia. The first two movies had been a great success and the same is expected of the upcoming one too.

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    All About ‘Princess Dairies 3’

    Princess Diaries

    Disney is the one bringing the royal state of Genovia back to life. The third installment of the movie would be written by Aadrita Mukerji. It is going to be the continuation of the first two movies and not a reboot. This next part of the cult classic is only underway so the movie can be expected in 2024. The storyline will supposedly revolve around Mia as the Queen, her rule, and will also probably peek into her love life.

    Julie Andrews who played Queen Clarisse Renaldi and Anne Hathaway who played Mia Thermopolis are yet to confirm their return. Mandy Moore as the mean cheerleader and Sandra Oh as the vice-principal Gupta were all part of the first movie. And Chris Pine also played Mia’s love interest in the second movie ‘Royal Engagement’. Fans are excited to know if they would get to see the sweet and sour couple again. All the actors who were once part of the movie are excited to join the team again. But the cast is still to be confirmed.

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    Will Anne Hathaway Return To The Franchise?

    Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in Princess Diaries

    In the movie, Anne Hathaway played the evergreen role of Queen Mia Thermopolis. Even after 20 years, fans want Hathaway to come back to the role. But it is not clear whether the 40-year-old actress will return to do the iconic role. If not then someone else will have to step into those shows.

    I would more than entertain it, I’m pulling for it,” she said to ‘Entertainment Tonight‘. “If there’s any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work,” Hathaway added. If Julie Andrews would return, then Anne Hathaway promises her return too. But things still need to be cleared up.

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