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    Is Regina George Lesbian? Actor Reneé Rapp Responds To ‘Mean Girls’ Fan Theories About The Character’s Sexuality

    The ‘Mean Girls’ is back in the glory it has always held since the 2004 high-school teen drama was released. It became a career highlight for Rachel McAdams as she played the popular girl Regina George in the film. Tinna Fey, who played Ms. Norbury, adapted the film into a Broadway musical that stars Reneé Rapp.

    The Broadway musical has now manifested into a full-fledged celluloid adaptation. In the 2004 ‘Mean Girls,’ there is a scene where Regina George does not allow Janis Ian to a party as she mistakes her for a lesbian. Now, as Reneé Rapp takes over the role of Regina George, she wants the character to be highly queer. The evidence is clear through her Instagram posts and her song with Megan Thee Stallion. Now, during an interview, she has addressed the theories about Regina being a lesbian.

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    Reneé Rapp Says ‘Mean Girls’ Regina George Is Queer

    Regina George for Renée Rapp is a lesbian
    Regina George for Renée Rapp is a lesbian

    As Reneé Rapp in the trailer of the new ‘Mean Girls musical said, “This isn’t your mother’s Mean Girls,” she not only shaded the millennials, but she also said that the Regina George that she is portraying will be completely different from the 2004 film.

    Since the trailer for the ‘Mean Girls’ musical came out, there has been a theory making the rounds on the internet that Regina George is lesbian. However, Reneé started the rumors that Regina George is gay in one of her posts on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Regina George was a lesbian.”

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    Now, during an interview with Gay Times, Reneé Rapp, who will reprise her Broadway musical role as Regina George, confirms that the popular mean girl is a lesbian. She said, “For me, she absolutely is [queer]. I got into an argument on Instagram about this and, hell yeah, I’m arguing on Instagram—so what?”

    Reneé Rapp continued, “Somebody was like, ‘She’s not a lesbian’ and I was like, ‘Alright, so maybe she isn’t to you but for me, she is, so shut up. Be mad. Go home. Touch grass. Play in traffic.’”

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    The Actress Says The Musical Is Queer Renée Rapp says 'Mean Girls' musical is queer

    According to Reneé Rapp, the musical version of ‘Mean Girls’ is unabashedly queer! In the film, Cady Heron’s friend, Janis Sarkisian, played by Auli’i Cravalho, is a lesbian. Also, Damian Hubbard is another gay character in the musical. During the press tours of the ‘Mean Girls’ musical, Renée has convinced the audience that Regina George is that closeted mean girl.

    During the interview, Reneé Rapp said, “In pop culture, and obviously I’m going to be biased, but gay people are just generally cooler and better. But, I think that’s more celebrated now, I would hope. Again, in certain spaces, absolutely.”

    The actress added, “This is also a cast of so many gays, hello? If you’re putting really sick gay and queer people into a cast, it’s inherently going to be gay and very cool, which I think is really exciting.”

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