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    Steven Spielberg Rescued Mike Myers’ Scrapped Idea Of Giving Shrek A Scottish Accent As It Suits “Working People”

    Shrek is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters of our childhood that we cannot forget. The green ogre has been immortalized on screen and remains one of the most talked about animated characters even now. It also put Dreamworks animation on the map. Every minute detail is important when it comes to setting a character apart. 

    And Mike Myers’ quick thinking might be the one thing that set this character apart. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Myers recalled that he had thought about switching Shrek’s accent to Scottish. This also got the approval of filmmaker Steven Spielberg who later applauded him for the idea. 

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    Mike Myers On Giving Shrek A Scottish Accent 

    Donkey and Shrek
    Donkey and Shrek

    The voice behind the iconic green character is none other than Mike Myers. His genius and quick thinking might be what has solidified Shrek’s memory in our hearts. Speaking to Vanity Fair, Myers revealed how he thought of giving the character a Scottish accent. “I wanted it to be good… I tried it as a Canadian, and it just didn’t have any oomph.” 

    Mike Myers went on to say, “I always thought that ogres were working people, growing up as a working person. And then I said, ‘Can I record it again as Scottish?’ Because I know fairytales are a Eurocentric form.” He added, “Scottish people are near and dear to me. I have relatives in Scotland and they’re working people. It’s a working people accent. They went, ‘No, we like it the way it is’.”

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    Steven Spielberg Wanted Myers To Dub Shrek In Scottish 

    Steven Spielberg and Mike Myers
    Steven Spielberg and Mike Myers

    The incredible idea that the ‘Austin Powers’ star had was about to be scrapped if not for Steven Spielberg. When Mike Myers pressed on about recording a Scottish accent for the character, Spielberg stepped in. Myers recalls that Spielberg said, ‘Why don’t you try it once?’

    And that was what did all the magic. Myers got inspired by his rich Scottish heritage and created absolute magic on screen with his voice. His genius has made Shrek live-on as one of the most beloved characters ever. Myers also recalls how Spielberg later wrote to thank him, adding, “He sent me a lovely letter, saying, ‘You’re so right. It’s way better as Scottish’.” He added, “I recorded it for free one more time and was happy to do so because I wanted it to be good.”

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