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    A Stalker Who Entered Taylor Swift’s Tribeca Abode To Marry Her Gets Arrested

    Taylor Swift is at the top of her game currently with the success of her tenth studio album ‘Midnights’ and the announcement of the re-recording of ‘1989. ‘ Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ is nearing the $1 billion mark, making it the most profitable tour in history. Swifties have been presented with many surprises during the North American run of the tour.

    While Swifties have been pouring in in huge numbers for the concerts, Taylor Swift has been presented with security threats. In June 2023, a man named Mitchell Taebel was arrested on charges of invasion of privacy, intimidation, and harassment. Now, another man named Ashley Arbour has been arrested for trespassing on the singer’s Tribeca building.

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    Ashley Arbour Wants To Marry Taylor Swift

    Ashley Arbour confesses being in love with Taylor Swift
    Ashley Arbour confesses being in love with Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has become a global icon, but her stardom has posed a threat to her privacy and security. On August 18, 2023, a 43-year-old man named Ashley Arbour was arrested for allegedly stalking and trespassing in Swift’s Tribeca building.

    Arbour walked into the building, and a resident asked him what he was doing. When he mentioned Taylor Swift, the person asked him to go outside and ring the bell. However, the New York Police Department arrived and arrested him.

    On August 19, 2023, the Manhattan Criminal Court conducted his arraignment. After that, he spoke to The New York Post, where he said, “I was disappointed. I love her. I want to marry her. I want her to be my anchor — someone that will have me stay put. I never had someone that kept me grounded.” Ashley boarded a bus from Atlanta to meet the love of his life, with whom, as per him, he had a relationship.

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    Ashley Claims The Singer Is The Woman Version Of Him

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    During a New York Post interview, Ashley Arbour said, “She’s like most nurturing, like she is me except she is a woman. She is truly the only one that understands me. I know she knows I don’t mean any harm. I’d never hit a woman. I would not harm her — no, absolutely not.”

    When asked whether he has ever attended a Taylor Swift concert, he answered, “I have not been that lucky. I’m of sound mind. I was a little crazier when I was younger.”

    Arbour continued by reasoning his behavior in trespassing on Taylor Swift’s apartment, saying, “I’m a very determined fellow sometimes to my detriment. You gotta go for it when it comes to love, because I don’t want to live in regret. That’s the worst. You are just sitting there like, I could have done this; I should have done this. It’s a black hole.”

    He concluded, “I love you Taylor. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy, making you laugh, and making up for the — what’s that word you use? Foolish behavior I expelled when I was 17. I love you.”

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