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    How Did The ‘Queen Of Pop’ Madonna Get Her Nickname Madge?

    Madonna is a sensational name, the lady who ruled the music industry for decades from the 1980s. The ‘American Life’ had a liking for dance, music, and being a rebel from a very young age. And that’s what really helped the young woman become a successful artist. Her skill in music is what gave her the name Madge.

    The ‘Vogue’ singer had her name etched in gold at the peak of her career. Her famous song ‘Like A Virgin’ was the first album by a female which sold over 5 million copies in the US, and it topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks. The singer also has seven Grammy awards to her name.

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    The Story Behind Madonna’s Nickname ‘Madge’


    Starting with The Acme Band, Madonna started off her music career in New York City. Learning guitar from her then-boyfriend, she tried her hands on writing songs. “The words just came out of me. I was like, ‘Who’s writing this?’” the artist said to Rolling Stone about how she kicked off her career in 2009. But it was much later that she got the nickname Madge and that too not from the US.

    It was in the 2000s that Madonna moved to work on the album ‘Music’. Appearing to be like a normal, everyday person, and not a sensational celebrity, the artist came to be called “Madge”. Or that’s what the ‘Material Girl’ singer thought. It sounded like that of an average person’s name. However, it was her later ex-husband Guy Ritchie who explained to her the meaning of the name- “Her Majesty”. The right nickname for the ‘Queen of Pop’.

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    Madonna Felt Liberated In A Gay Club


    Madonna had already accepted the fact that she was different from the usual girls from a very young age. She was more of an extrovert and a rebel. With more makeup, lipstick, and huge beauty marks, the singer used to dress up like what her stepmom called her a ‘floozy’. But she felt more accepted in a gay club.

    Talking to ‘The Advocate’, the performer once recounted how she felt “an outsider, a misfit, a weirdo” at her school and neighborhood. “I went to the gay club, I didn’t feel that way anymore,” she confided in 1991. The artist had felt at ‘home’ when in a gay club and she discovered ‘a whole sense’ of herself’.

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