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    Machine Gun Kelly Opens Up About Being Banned From Coachella Which Is “A Huge Joke” For Him

    Machine Gun Kelly has constantly been in the headlines ever since he made his relationship with Megan Fox public. Whether it’s them drinking each other’s blood or him accusing Fox of ‘cheating’ the two are one of the most talked about couples online.

    However, this time MGK is being talked about for something else. The singer-songwriter took to his X to talk about getting banned from Coachella over a decade ago in 2012. While MGK is not as well liked he has achieved a lot with his career as a musician.

    So, when it comes to why a prominent musician was banned from a music festival it still remains. Additionally, Kelly talked about how he was finally going to attend Coachella in 2024. However, due to his daughter’s volleyball tournament being on the same day, he could not.

    I was looking forward to finally going this year but my daughter’s volleyball tournament ended up on the same days so y’all will have to lmk how it is, she comes first,” he said. His fans were also quick to praise him for being a good dad. 

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    “Coachella Is A Huge Joke”: Machine Gun Kelly Bashed Coachella In 2012

    Machine Gun Kelly
    Machine Gun Kelly

    While in his recent tweet, MGK talked about being banned from the music festival for no reason, a previous tweet made over a decade ago suggests otherwise. In 2012, Kelly shared his feelings about Coachella and was seemingly enraged.

    Coachella is a huge joke. It’s corporate as fuck and they only accept the accepted but fake like they don’t. Sad that music is so trendy now,” he said. A lot of fans thought that this was the reason behind him not getting invited to the music festival.

    While the reason behind MGK getting banned remains unknown, it’s clear that his beef with Coachella has ended as the musician is looking forward to attending the festival in the future. In conclusion, fans can expect MGK to attend the music festival in the coming years. 

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