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    New Wife, New Music! Kanye West Is Reportedly Working On A New Album While Spending Time With Wife Bianca Censori In Japan

    Kanye West forged a new sonic uprising in the music industry and helped to transform the art of producing and rapping. However, the rapper lost credibility in 2022 due to his hate-spewing and erratic behavior. His anti-Semitism led to a financial and personal debacle.

    Before the unfortunate turn of events, Kanye West released his tenth studio album, ‘Donda,’ which he dedicated to his mother, Donda West. Ye conducted many grand listening parties in various arenas before releasing the album. Since then, West has not divulged any interest in releasing serious music. But his latest Japan excursion may be a ray of hope for his fans.

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    Rapper Rooga Confirms Comeback Of Kanye West Amidst The Industry Boycott

    Rooga confirms Ye's new music on 'No Jumper' podcast
    Rooga confirms Ye’s new music on ‘No Jumper’ podcast

    Recently, the paparazzi and fans spotted Kanye West having a gala time with his wife, Bianca Censori, and daughter, North West, in Japan. Both Ye and Bianca kept a low profile during their summer getaway.

    But the fans spotted the two together attending a sumo wrestling match and buying s** toys. It was a relief for the rapper after the collective boycott by the industry.

    Now, amidst the latest excursion, rapper and Ye‘s previous collaborator, Rooga, has hinted at a comeback for Kanye West. He appeared on the No Jumper podcast, where host Adam Grandmaison asked the artist about West. Rooga said, “I told you, he’s working on an album.” Ye featured the ‘Scrappers’ rapper on Donda’s ‘Ok Ok’ track.

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    The Rapper’s School Donda Academy Gets Sued Again

    Kanye West's Donda Academy is embroiled in a lawsuit, filed by former assistant principal
    Kanye West’s Donda Academy is embroiled in a lawsuit, filed by former assistant principal

    After two former teachers at the Donda Academy sue Kanye West and Isaiah Meadows, the former assistant principal sues him. Isaiah filed a lawsuit against the school and Ye for expelling him after he expressed safety concerns in the school.

    The Donda Academy’s architecture comes to light again after Meadows mentioned the non-availability of glass because the rapper does not like it. When the school became functional, there was no electricity, and the teachers taught the students “under commercial flood lamps, powered by a generator.”

    The institution rehired Meadows, but they demoted him. He also alleged that the institution assured him rental assistance, but after three months, they withdrew from it, and the plaintiff had to pay the rent from his pocket. His lawyer said, “It is just absolutely egregious what is going on at this school.”

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