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    Millie Bobby Brown Settles Debate On Whether Eleven Created The Upside Down In ‘Stranger Things’

    Millie Bobby Brown practically grew up in front of the camera. She made her acting debut with the show ‘Stranger Things‘ and played the character Eleven when she was actually 11. The hit Netflix show is now in its fourth season and fans are waiting for mind-blowing twists in Volume 2.

    The story follows Eleven as she begins a new life away from the town of Hawkins but things are not easy as they seem. With her powers gone (as shown at the end of Season 3), life becomes harder, and getting her powers back is one complicated journey, which includes the Upside Down. The season’s storyline led to a hot debate among fans about whether Even created the alternate dimension. Now, the actress has weighed in on the debate.

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    ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown On Whether Eleven Created The Upside Down

    A still from 'Stranger Things 4'
    A still from ‘Stranger Things 4

    In a new interview, the ‘Enola Holmes‘ actress was asked questions based on fans’ theories of the new season. The most important one being, “Did younger Eleven actually create the Upside Down – that terrifying alternate universe into which childhood friend Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) descended in Season 1?”

    Millie happened to finally settle this debate. “Please help settle a debate that I’m having with my colleagues: Did the Duffers tell you that Eleven created the Upside Down in the scene with Jamie’s character at the end?” reporter Adam B Vary asked. “They did tell me,” she responded. “She does. She opens the rift.”

    When pressed further, Millie hesitated before making up her mind. Vary probed whether the Upside Down was already there, or already existed, when Eleven opened it.

    This is too big of a debate for me to answer,” she said. “I’m so worried. I think — no, no, no. I think that the alternate universe was always there. That is always going to be under Hawkins. I just think she has access to it. I don’t think that she created the Upside Down. No, I think that it was always there, I think she just created a gate to it which no one could before.”

    “This Season Will Give All The Answers”: Millie

    Millie Bobby Brown
    Millie Bobby Brown

    Millie also filled in the blanks about her character. In her talk with Variety, she was asked whether it was “satisfying” to finally have so much revealed about Eleven and the Upside Down. She said “of course” it was. “I’ve had so many questions for years and years as to where Eleven came from, who she is,” she told the publication.

    She added, “What were Dr. Brenner’s [Matthew Modine] intentions? What are his intentions now? Is he still alive? But, you know, [series creators] the Duffer Brothers, they’re the only people in this world that know ‘Stranger Things’ better than we do. I trusted that they would always bring it home and answer everyone’s questions. So this season was the season that you will get all of those questions answered.”

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