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    Who Is San Francisco 49ers Owner, Denise DeBartolo York? What Is The Family’s Net Worth?

    Finally, the day is here for the San Francisco 49ers to avenge their loss against Kansas City in 2020. As both the teams will face each other again, the fans are thrilled about the outcome as the 49ers will be seeking their sixth Super Bowl win.

    As the players of the San Francisco 49ers shine on the field, the real players are the ones running the team- the DeBartolo York family. Here is everything to know about the millionaire family, whose portfolio highlights the San Francisco 49ers, along with its owner Denise DeBartolo York.

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    The Current Owner Of San Franciso 49ers

    DeBartolo York family
    DeBartolo York family

    Hailing from a family of real estate developers and businesses, Denise DeBartolo York is the owner and co-chair of the San Francisco 49ers. York’s father Edward John DeBartolo Sr bought the team in 1977 for $13 million, and currently, the team evaluates up to $5.2 billion. The York family owns over 90% of the San Francisco 49ers.

    However, in 2000, York took over the team from her brother Edward John DeBartolo Jr, who got himself into legal trouble. Since 1999, Denise has been heading the San Francisco 49ers team, and in 2007 she passed on to her son Jed York.

    Denise DeBartolo York’s Husband

    Denise and Jon
    Denise and John York

    Denise DeBartolo York is the first woman to own an NFL team. The American billionaire is married to a retired American cancer research pathologist John York. The couple share four children, Jed, Tony, Jenna, and Mara. Their second son Tony passed away in 2018. 

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    What Is Denise DeBartolo’s Net Worth?

    Denise DeBartolo
    Denise DeBartolo

    The businesswoman’s net worth adds up to $5.75 Billion. Not only she owns the San Francisco 49ers, but also the Leeds United through 49ers Enterprises. In addition to the family business, Denise York has also been involved in the sports industry.

    Denise also became the owner and president of the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1978. In 2023, she completed a full takeover of Leeds United, solidifying her position in the sports industry.

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