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    Alec Baldwin Refuses To Be A Public Person After The “Rust” Tragedy

    The American actor Alec Baldwin, the Eldest of the four actor brothers in the Baldwin family has had a mental breakdown after the shooting on the set of “Rust”. Alec Baldwin has always been known for his great acting and his stand-up comedy. He has also received three Primetime Emmys for his amazing skills.

    The “Rust” Set Fatality

    Alec baldwin
    Alec Baldwin

    The “Rust” movie has led to the loss of a beloved cinematographer in New Mexico. The New Mexican government has already fined “Rust” a maximum amount of money for the gun safety failure.

    The actor Alec Baldwin Shot and killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.” Shortly after the incident, the police interviewed the actor about the mishap that left Hutchins dead and director Joel Souza injured.

    The officers explained to Alec his rights before starting the interview. “So, my only question is, am I being charged with something?” Baldwin asks before he and the officers started laughing.

    No, we’re just interviewing… It’s just a formality, we have to do it,” they said in response.
    Baldwin said that he was rehearsing a scene and thought the gun was cold. But suddenly the gun went off and Hutchins went down screaming.

    I take the gun out slowly. I turn and cock the pistol. Bang! [Hutchins] hits the ground, she goes down. [Souza] goes down, screaming, he’s like ‘Jesus Christ,” Baldwin recounts.

    It’s supposed to be a cold gun … Now this is a puzzle to me … this is making me very emotional.”

    Alec Having A Mental Breakdown In The Aftermath Of “Rust

    Alec and Halyna
    Alec and Halyna

    In footage released on Monday, shows a scene hours after the “Rust” mishap, Alec Baldwin Vining in a phone call that he didn’t “want to be a public person.” The video was recorded in a Santa Fe Sheriff’s office interview room just three hours after the incident. It shows shocked Baldwin calling the members of his staff and giving orders before he actually speaks with the police.

    I’m at the police station .. they’re about to interview me. How is everyone at home? How are the kids?” Baldwin was seen talking in the clip.

    When the person on the other hand tries to offer sympathy to Baldwin, he shuts her up.
    What I am is someone who, I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t, I don’t want to be a public person,” Baldwin seethes.

    I’m the one holding the gun in my hand and everybody was supposed to have taken care of. They always hand me a cold gun,” he continues before barking a series of questions and ending the conversation.”

    Alec Was Desperate To See His Family In This Dire Situation

    Alec baldwin
    Alec Baldwin

    Baldwin then calls a woman and asks her to come down to Santa Fe. “We’ll just spend the time here … We’ll go and enjoy ourselves,” Baldwin says. “It’s all paid for and I’m going to get us the money back.”

    The woman on the other hand, probably a babysitter answered all the questions about Baldwin’s children and asked if they should be staying away from the paparazzi.
    Are they outside?” Baldwin asked. No, but I imagine they will be at some point,” the woman responds.

    “I think that’s a great idea. You should come for that reason also.” The woman then apologizes to Baldwin for what he’s going through and says she hopes that he’s OK.

    “You have no idea how unbelievable this is and how strange this is and I’ll explain to you later,” Alec said. Halyna Hutchins’s parents are still stuck in Ukraine and haven’t been able to visit her for the last time. Our heartfelt condolences are with her family and her loved ones.

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