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    An Australian Politician Wants Amber Heard In Jail For Committing Perjury On Country Soil

    One Australian senator has voiced support for Amber Heard being sentenced to jail time in the event that she is found guilty of perjury in Australia.

    According to a report from Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment, Heard was accused of lying under oath about bringing her dogs to Australia. The date of the alleged lie was May 2015. (DAWE).

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    Australian Politician Barnaby Joyce Wants Amber Heard In Jail 

    Barnaby Joyce
    Barnaby Joyce

    If convicted of perjury in the 2015 dog controversy, Australian lawmaker Barnaby Joyce wants to see Amber Heard imprisoned in Australia.

    They broke Australia’s biosecurity regulations seven years ago when they flew their canines Pistol and Boo into Queensland on a private plane, according to the Aquaman star’s ex-husband Johnny Depp.

    For failing to report any items she brought into the country, Heard was arrested and charged with making a false statement on her immigration card.

    They were able to secure a $AU 1,000 (£570) good behavior bond for her after she appeared in court on the Gold Coast. The Couple was also required to publicly apologise.

    Depp’s former estate manager Kevin Murphy claims that Heard instructed him to lie under oath after she flew the two canines into Queensland without disclosing them. 

    Amber Heard’s Case In Australia May Get FBI Attention

    Amber Heard
    Amber Heard

    In the wake of Heard’s dog smuggling controversy in 2015, Australian investigators may be able to collaborate with the FBI, according to Law & Crime. As the investigation continues to gather information, former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce appears to have no sympathy for Amber Heard.

    In an interview, he stated, “Those dogs, when they came in, there were a lot of documents that were signed that said there were no animals there. And it now looks like Ms. Heard has allegedly not told the truth.”

    Pets imported into Australia for the first time must be detained for 10 days due to the country’s severe quarantine regulations. Heard was requested by the Australian government at the time to either remove the dogs from the country or put them down.

    Heard was arrested in July 2015 on charges of unlawfully bringing canines to Australia after Depp flew them back to the United States.

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