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    Andrew Garfield And Simu Liu’s Banter About Illuminati Has Internet In Stitches

    “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess!” Beyoncé addressed her alienation from the most popular cult conspiracy ‘Illuminati.’ The group, as per popular culture, consists of the most powerful, elite, and influential people. Anyways, on the night of ‘Times 100 Most Influential People,’ the Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu talked about the long-running debate about Illuminati addressing Andrew Garfield.

    The glamor was brought to New York City’s Jazz at Lincoln Center on June 8th, 2022 as the TIME’s 100 Gala commenced. In a star-studded affair, Simu Liu was given the hosting duties. As he was hosting, he raised a questions that have irked numerous celebrities, the Illuminati. Right after talking about it, he insinuated that Andrew Garfield may have some information!

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    “Shut The F**k Up!”: Andrew Garfield Shuts Simu Liu Down Following The Illuminati Banter

    Andrew Garfield asked Simu Liu to shut his mouth post the Illuminati joke
    Andrew Garfield asked Simu Liu to shut his mouth post the Illuminati joke

    While fulfilling the duties as host, Simu Liu commenced the event by addressing the esteemed congregation. In his opening act, he called TIME100 “Met Ball for Nerds.” He then went on to crack self-deprecating humor, where he denied the title of the influential person. He said, “I’m not even one of the 100 most influential people in the Marvel Universe. There are like eight more famous celebrities in this room. Zendaya is literally right there.”

    After a hiatus of two years, the Time’s Gala was back in-person for honoring the influential artists. In no time, Liu had a segue to the most burning question. He said, “Now, this is TIME100’s first in-person event since 2019, and the first-ever to be shared with audiences at home.”

    He continued, “Finally, viewers all across the country will get the answer to their most burning question. Are the Illuminati real? And if so, why haven’t I been invited?” Post the question, the actor searched for his fellow MCU member. “Garfield, Garfield, where are you?” Garfield pleaded with him to “stop talking,” and mouth “shut the f**k up.”

    Twiterratis Had A “Gala” Time Reacting To This Banter

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