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    Bill Maher Criticizes Elon Musk For His “I Will Vote Republican” Remark

    Recently the “Real Time” host Bill Maher took a swipe at billionaire Elon Musk for suggesting his political allegiance might shift in the upcoming elections. The Tesla CEO was recently the talk of the town for his feud with Bill Gates. Even his Twitter deal was ruling the headlines for quite some time. Recently Musk provided new spice to the media by saying that he might change his political preference in the upcoming elections.

    Elon Musk Spills The Big News On Twitter

    Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    The Tech Mogul went viral on almost every platform with his recent tweet. he made a shocking statement on Wednesday denouncing Democrats and hinting he’d cast his vote for Republicans for the first time. “In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party,” Musk wrote. “But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.”

    On Friday night, during a panel discussion, Bill Maher reiterated his stance on how he could never cast a vote for a Republican since the party “doesn’t believe in the emergency of climate change or democracy.”

    “Elon Musk this week — I’m a big fan in many ways, but when he says, ‘Now I’m going to vote Republican,’ I’ve got to part company there. C’mon, Elon,” Maher exclaimed. “I can’t go there with him because of what I just said, because of where the big issues are, but it’s troubling to me that a guy like that who said, ‘I voted mostly Democrat for the longest time and now I’m switching.’ I mean, I’m not going to say is a stupid man… So the fact that he can be taken over by the Republicans, what does that tell you about the Democrats? What do they have to do to stop that from happening?”

    Well! The Show Carries On

    Elon Musk and Bill Maher
    Elon Musk and Bill Maher

    Comedian Adam Carolla pointed to Democratic regulations on businesses. He talked about Musk moving his Tesla headquarters from California to Texas as part of his rationale.

    While Maher heralded Musk as a “genius,” he insisted the billionaire is “lacking some perspective here on what party is the most dangerous now.” Former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile attempted to downplay Musk’s political shift, insisting there isn’t a “movement” away from the Democratic Party.

    “Well, there may not be a movement because there is a bit of an exodus,” Maher pushed back. “I mean, people leave this state and move to Texas. That happens. Look at the polls for what’s gonna happen in November. People are voting more Republican in November. The Democrats are going to get their a—- kicked.”

    Bill Maher previously praised Musk for his ongoing takeover of Twitter. He was hoping the billionaire will restore free speech principles on the platform.

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