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BTS’ RM Promises His New Solo Music Will Arrive “Within The Year”

Get ready ARMY, BTS’s RM has teased his next solo project. During a Livestream on the platform V Live on April 9, the 27-year-old “Butter” group frontman told fans he’s currently working on solo music as well as new BTS material, teasing collaborations with artists you might not expect to see alongside the performer. The rapper is getting ready and working on a new playlist, also known as a mixtape. Kim Nam-Joon better known by his stage name RM has revealed that his initials stand for Rap Monster. He’s bringing in a lot of interesting and unexpected guests for his album.


Is This The First Solo For RM?


RM’s next project, whether it’s a mixtape or an album, will be his first since 2018’s Mono and his second overall, after releasing a self-titled mixtape in 2015. He also announced plans to release a new song in 2022 during the Livestream, though it’s unclear whether he was referring to solo material or music with BTS. He dished that he has no idea when the next song will be out, but he is trying hard to release it within this year. This was before he revealed that he hopes to “do well” with the project. This is because he claims that the song will feature collaborations with various people in a new and unexpected way. The rapper is really expecting it to go well due to his high standards.

The Recent “Butter”y Performance Of BTS At The Grammy’s!

BTS's Butter
BTS’s Butter

BTS gave a show-stopping James Bond-style performance of “Butter” at the 2022 Grammy Awards earlier this month, but they lost the best pop duo/group performance award. RM addressed the loss onstage during the group’s Permission to Dance on stage concert at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on April 9.

Leader Kim Nam-Joon aka RM said, “The record, the title, the accomplishments, the trophies, they’re really important, but that wasn’t the first thing, the first reason why we started all these things, right?”


The group leader said to his fans that he knows there’s a lot of noise out there about their Grammys and the team itself. But, he asked them to not give a shit about it! He continued that hating is their freedom, and they have the right to hate, but if it was him then he would rather just talk with his friends in some cafe and forget about it rather than tweeting about it or some interview. The leader that it’s not something that grown-ups do! He went on to say that they didn’t come to Vegas for the Grammys. They came to Vegas for the ARMYs.

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