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Conflict Brewing Between Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Over The 2004 Film Betrayal?

Is Matthew Perry going to reveal everything about his fight with Matt LeBlanc? According to one tabloid, Perry’s upcoming memoir will detail LeBlanc’s “betrayal.” Let’s see how the ex-TV co-actors are doing. According to a source close to the situation, the two scarcely communicated after it happened.


Matthew Perry’s memoir “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” is set to launch in November. Fans of the ‘Friends’ actor are expecting a lot from the book. From his experience on the sets to ending up in an alcohol rehab center, Matthew has seen it all in his life.

Is There A Possible ‘Conflict Looming’ Between Matthew And Matt?

Matthew Perry And His Upcoming Memoir
Matthew Perry And His Upcoming Memoir

According to OK! this week, Matthew Perry’s upcoming biography will not pull any punches. Matt LeBlanc, his former co-star and buddy, is one person who should keep an eye on them. “Matt is in for an unpleasant shock,” says a source close to the situation. After the iconic comedy ended, LeBlanc was the only member of the group to have their own spin-off show.

According to sources, when LeBlanc began filming Joey, Perry felt “betrayed.” The tipster explains, “The complete narrative of that treachery hasn’t been disclosed yet, and Matthew isn’t going to pull any punches.” “It’s been 18 years, but the Joey incident still affects Matthew and the other cast members since it was the only time one of them tried to break up the performance behind everyone else’s back… Matthew didn’t bring it up during last year’s reunion, but he’s eager to clear the air and isn’t going to hold back.”


Do Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Still Share The Same Bond?

Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc
Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc

Despite the efforts of numerous tabloids to fabricate a hatred involving Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, this has never been the case. Even though the fact that they drifted apart after Friends, they constantly kept in touch. Later in 2016, LeBlanc attended Perry’s playwriting debut to offer his support.

And, as we’ve already noted, when questioned regarding his co-star by a journalist last year, LeBlanc’s most current remark of Perry was complimentary. “I saw him the day before yesterday.” That man is fantastic! “I can’t see him for five years and then go into a room with him and still have that shorthand,” LeBlanc explained. And, if there was any question, the HBO Max reunion last year demonstrated how solid the whole Friends cast’s connection was. There have never been any ill emotions over LeBlanc’s spinoff program, as far as we can tell.

From the Tabloid: Further Rival Stories

Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Don't Have A Spat Between Them
Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Don’t Have A Spat Between Them

OK! isn’t the first publication to publish a false story about a celebrity conflict. Gwen Stefani was said to be feuding with country performers last year, according to the site. The article went on to say that tensions were rising behind sets of American Pickers. More recently, the publication claimed that Drake and A$AP Rocky were battling over Rihanna’s relationship. We’re not believing this story involving Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, based on OK’s previous coverage of celebrity feuds.


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