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    DC’s Aqualad To Get His First Live-Action Series

    After the mega-hit movie from DC, “The Batman” fans certainly have high hopes for the franchise. They believe DC has raised the bar. DC is popular worldwide for creating exciting new shows and series. Fans of DC are very excited for the year 2022. They are waiting for movies such as the “Black Adam” played by Dwayne Johnson, and “The Flash” played by Ezra Miller. The actor is currently detained in Hawaii for some chaos he created in a club. The list of movies DC will release this year are, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”, “Batgirl”, “Blue Beetle” and many more.

    DC is chock-full of intriguing new characters and a rich comics history, giving Warner Bros. enough to work with if it decides to pursue a new project on the big screen. Currently, the studio has multiple branches, most of which are found in the mainstream DCEU. One more live-action DC series added to HBO Max’s future lineup. The series will function as a series adaption for the Jackson Hyde variation of Aqualad, according to Variety.

    HBO Max Puts Aqualad In The Front


    Many heroes have worn the Aqualad mask in the comics, but the most well-known is Jackson Hyde. He debuted through Brightest Day in 2010. The comic influenced the then developed Young Justice series. DC Comics had planned to feature Kaldur’ahm, a new Aqualad, in the Young Justice series. Both Aqualad, as well as Kaldur’ahm, have established themselves as important characters in the DC Universe. They are both renowned LGBTQ+ superheroes.

    The magazine giant, Variety, confirmed that HBO Max is making a tv series taking inspiration from the DC graphic comic “You Brought Me the Ocean”. This comic revolved around the origin story of Aqualad. DC Comics released the novel in 2010.

    Per the site, the one-hour sitcom is based on DC characters and the graphic book. Alex Sanchez and Jul Maroh are the writers of the graphic novel.  The HBO Max series will follow Jackson “Jake” Hyde, a gay kid from New Mexico. He finds love in his classmate Kenny Liu. In the meanwhile, he also discovers his superhuman talents, including inhaling underwater and manipulating water.

    According to Variety, the project is yet to find a writer.

    What Role Does ‘Aqualad’ Play In The DC Universe?

    Aqualad  Series on the line for DC
    Aqualad Series on the line for DC

    As all the fans know that Arrowverse pushed the DCEU timeline but currently nobody knows if this series will or not. Is Aqualad connected to the ongoing DCEU timeline? Only time will tell. Fans have not yet uncovered any connection between the character to the DCEU. They are just speculating.

    The fact that the program is being created by HBO Max already rules out the possibility of it being placed beside Grant Gustin’s The Flash. It is highly unlikely that the movie will run parallel with the Arrowverse characters. However, the CW’s purchase may at least provide optimism that it will be.

    Meanwhile, if it’s situated in the DCEU, it’ll likely follow the tradition of offshoot programs with ties to the big picture, much as The Batman does with Colin Farrell’s Penguin show. While still being influenced by the aforementioned comic novel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom might debut the franchise’s Aqualad, therefore providing a platform for the protagonist’s HBO Max series.

    The Show Wil Focus On The Character’s Sexuality

    Dc to explore gender recognition through Aqualad
    Dc to explore gender recognition through Aqualad

    Although this isn’t new DC will explore the sexuality topic in its confirmed Green Lantern series where the franchise focuses on Alan Scott, one of the main characters. Consequently, this shows that the franchise is on the right path to equal representation of genders. Above all, this could also mean that fans all over the world can expect more of such shows.

    Some reports have confirmed that Charlize Theron will be the executive producer of the series. He will work alongside A.J. Dix, Beth Kono, and Andrew Haas of Denver & Delilah Films.

    Jason Momoa will resume his role as Aquaman in the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Warner Bros has already postponed many movies including Aquaman 2. Fans are eager to go to theatres and watch their favorite superheroes fight and the DCEU timeline moves forward.

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