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    DJ Soda Opens Up About Harassment By The American Airlines’ Staff

    DJ Soda took to her social media handles to share one of her recent unpleasant experiences with American Airlines. The incident dates back to the 26th of April when Soda shared tweets and threads about this unpleasant experience. Soda’s real name is Hwang So-hee. Hwang So-hee shared on Twitter and Instagram about how the Airlines asked her to take off her sweatpants. The airline asked her to do so in front of the entire group of passengers. Things escalated when American Airlines said that if not done, Hwang So-hee will not be allowed to board the train.

    The Entire Happening Of The Airlines Incident With DJ Soda

    When Hwang So-hee was preparing to board the plane to return to Los Angeles from New York City, an American Airline employee approached her. The employee then asked her to exit the plane without even offering any explanations. DJ Soda’s sweatpants, a sponsored item by RIPnDIP with the words “F**k you” on them, were therefore deemed improper and disrespectful by the crew. Hwang So-hee couldn’t afford to wait for the following flight. This is because she had a crucial meeting in Los Angeles the next day. Despite offering to change her pants, she continued to have her request getting denied by the staff. When DJ Soda finally decided to take off her pants as the last option then staff members made snide remarks and embarrassed her. Hwang So-hee shared all of this through Twitter and Instagram.

    Reaction From The American Airlines

    DJ Soda kicked off flight over 'offensive' detail on pants
    DJ Soda kicked off the flight over ‘offensive’ detail on pants

    Hwang, a well-known DJ in South Korea and a regular headliner at Asian music festivals, ended her post by threatening to boycott the airline. She even added that she really wishes that no one else has to go through such harassment and humility. What American Airlines has to say is that they were just following the code of conduct which is the same for all. Hence, since the policies are the same for all about the prohibition of offensive clothing, they took necessary actions. The airline also stated that a member of its customer service team had contacted Hwang to learn more about her trip. Hwang’s incident isn’t the first time a celebrity has been denied boarding due to their attire.

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