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    Doctor Strange 2 Producer Opens Up About Magneto’s Absence In The Movie

    ‘Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness’ didn’t even take a week to break the franchise record. After the big handover of X-Man rights between Fox Studios and Disney, this was the first instance where the 20th Century Fox’s Marvel heroes appeared in the MCU. After the appearance of Reed Richards and Professor X, fans are anticipating for other mutants to make their way to MCU.

    Most of the characters did wind up in the Multiversal adventure behind Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff. But there were a few others that missed the cut. But the specific attention of the fans is somewhere lying under the question that why Magneto didn’t show up in the film. Well, Marvel producer Richie Palmer has some interesting answers.

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    Richie Palmer Describes His Opinion On Magneto’s Absence In Doctor Strange 2

    Doctor Strange and Magneto
    Doctor Strange and Magneto

    A recent Empire podcast featured Marvel Studios producer Richie Palmer. He was seen addressing the rumor surrounding Magneto’s scrapped role in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ Here’s the interesting Conversation between Palmer and the famous Empire journalist Chris Hewitt.

    Chris Hewitt asked, “You’re dealing with different realities here. Wanda, in the comic books, as you know, is a Mutant. Her father is Magneto. Was that something that you toyed with at any point, to introduce us to Wanda who was a Mutant, who had a dad who was Magneto, or was that just too much heavy lifting to do?”

    Richie Palmer answered, “I don’t know if that was ever seriously talked about, again, that [Michael] Waldron’s got a head full of crazy ideas, so, I’m not going to say those things never came up in conversation, but I think once you start getting into Magneto and explaining Mutants, you know, I think that the Illuminati appearances in this movie are pretty self-explanatory.”

    Palmer further added, “I think you get them and you know… I think it’s all right there for you. To go any further with it, and to try to explain that stuff, might’ve detracted from the experience. However, who’s to say in this universe, that’s a different Wanda than our Wanda with a different backstory, there is a Professor Xavier there, there are Mutants, and there are Inhumans. So, you got to believe she definitely has her own version of that story going on.”

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