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    Elon Musk Responds To Tesla Robot Attacking An Employer And Seriously Injuring Him

    A world with robots and AI is scary and Tesla employees got a taste of it at their headquarters. In an unfortunate incident, Elon Musk’s Tesla robot attacked an engineer dangerously, bringing light to a horrific incident that occurred two years ago.

    The incident has drawn light to the potential dangers that come with robotics and artificial intelligence. Here’s what the full incident is and how Elon Musk responded to it.

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    The Horrific Tale Of Tesla Robot Attacking An Engineer

    Tesla Robots

    A Tesla robot suffered a malfunction and attacked an engineer at the headquarters in Texas. According to eyewitnesses, the robot pinned the engineer against a surface and dig its metal claws inside the engineer, causing blood to draw.

    The engineer was programming software to control the robot while he was attacked. The robot’s function was to move car parts in the factory. The incident reportedly left a serious wound on the engineer.

    According to the report published, Tesla is responsible for cutting costs on various important factors such as construction and maintenance that have put employees’ lives at risk.

    The incident has not been reported by Tesla officially. Employees of the company continue to speak up about the lack of safety in their factory.

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    Elon Musk’s Reaction To The Tradegy

    Elon Musk will not allow cryptocurrency trading on X
    Elon Musk

    The incident, which actually happened two years ago and was never reported by the company has now drawn the attention of millions, further initiating debates on the safety of robotics and AI.

    Musk recently shared that they were working on a humanoid robot called ‘Optimus’. News of the attack has further questioned if it’s safe to work on robots.

    On his networking site ‘X’, Musk responded to a user who defended the robot’s actions and said, “‘Attacks’ implies it made a decision. That robot did exactly as it was programmed to do. Apparently the worker thought it was off when it wasn’t.”

    Musk responded and said, “Correct. Truly shameful of the media to dredge up an injury from two years ago due to a simple industrial Kuka robot arm (found in all factories) and imply that it is due to Optimus now.”

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