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    Elon Musk Unveils First Look At SpaceX’s ‘In Motion’ Starlink Internet Services

    Be it in the middle of the woods or in the vastness of deserts, your internet service isn’t going to betray you anymore. Thanks to Elon Musk‘s SpaceX, we are nearing total connectivity. Musk has launched a mobile version of Starlink connection so people can enjoy internet services every step of the way.

    SpaceX has said this service is a godsend for mobile businesses, public sector use cases, and emergency response. The company is now looking to establish a satellite-to-cellphone that will come without the hassle of hardware installation. There’s more to come from the brain factory.

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    Elon Musk’s New And Improved Starlink Internet

    SpaceX boss proudly announced 'In-motion' Starlink internet service
    SpaceX boss proudly announced ‘In-motion’ Starlink internet service

    Elon Musk‘s Starlink internet services are about to go off the charts. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and an army of brainiacs, the new and improved GPS will connect to more than 4,000 lower-orbit satellites. It will work in all the terrains of the world, including oceans and deserts. Total virtual connectivity is no longer a dream.

    SpaceX boss triumphantly announced Starlink’s incredible breakthrough in his tweet, “And works almost everywhere on Earth with global roaming enabled!” The first subjects to test the initial phase of mobility internet are a group of schools from Montana. The idea is to provide internet on the move so students can complete their homework while traveling to and back from school.

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    Starlink satellites are a threat to our atmosphere
    Starlink satellites are a threat to our atmosphere

    Every innovation comes with a curse. While everyone will benefit from the lightening speed internet, Musk’s efforts to provide internet have been constantly resisted. China has denied Elon Musk any excess as they fear the intentions of the Starlink satellites. Iran quickly shut Starlink to remove freedom of expression and speech from the protestors.

    There are also environmental damages to be considered. With thousands of satellites in the sky, there’s a high risk of space pollution. Its use of light-dimming technology will also disrupt star patterns and astronomy. The debris from the satellites could also lead to a potential collision with other satellites and spacecraft.

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