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    Fans Make Fun Of Sony After Morbius’ Theatrical Reopening Fails

    Even after two months, who would have predicted that a film as terrible as Morbius would continue to make headlines? Only $163 million was earned globally by Sony Film Studio’s Marvel movie, making it one of the worst-performing Marvel films ever, according to studio estimates to date.

    To this day, even after it has been released on home video, the news of Jared Leto’s Marvel debut continues to make headlines. There has been some sort of viral trend around Sony’s newest disaster because of the widely meted “It’s Morbin’ Time” slogan – even major businesses like KFC and GFUEL joined in on it!

    Fans Make Fun Of Sony

    According to Luiz Fernando, the reopening of Morbius in over a thousand cinemas on Friday, after it had become a worldwide meme, resulted in a disastrous box office performance once again.

    The return of Sony’s Marvel flick raked in only $85,000 on its first day of reopening, bringing the domestic total for Morbius to just $73.4 million. According to The Numbers, the reopening resulted in an average of $82 per cinema, which equates to fewer than 10 attendees in each theater when taking into account the cost of tickets.

    Fans have criticized Sony on Twitter for reopening Morbius, despite the fact that the film was a commercial flop when it was first made available to the public.

    Is Morbius 2 Out Of The Question Now?

    Morbius 2 with venom?
    Morbius 2 with venom?

    Morbius has cost Sony a lot of money, therefore it’s unlikely that the studio would be interested in making a sequel. The studio that reopened a failed film and gave the green light for Bad Bunny’s El Muerto, a character with only two comic book appearances, is not very orthodox in general means. So, it is very hard to rule out anything.

    Jared Leto’s Morbius may not get a sequel, but that doesn’t mean the character won’t show up in future projects. The Marvel Vampire and Michael Keaton’s Vulture were last seen working together, which might indicate that they’ll be part of the Sinister Six in the future.

    The second option is to make use of fan-created alterations that pit Jared Leto and Tom Hardy’s Marvel characters against one another. Venom vs. Morbius: Dawn of Sinister is a must-see for every comic book fan. Leto’s Vampire hero’s future is yet to be decided.

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