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    HBO Under Pressure To Cancel ‘The Idol’ After Strong Objections Over Its Disturbing Depictions Of S*x And Nudity

    Everyone saw it coming. HBO’s ‘The Idol’ no longer has a leg to stand on. The Parents Television and Media Council asked HBO to pull the plug on the Lily Rose-Depp and The Weeknd starrer music industry drama. The organization no longer wishes to see the depiction of “torture p**n” and “se***l abuse.” 

    The PTC also demands that streaming service Max immediately stop marketing content directed to youth through social media. The content in question is ‘Euphoria,’ another show created by Sam Levinson. To make matters worse for Levinson, ‘The Idol’ will end its initial run after five episodes. 

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    PTC Demands HBO To Immediately Axe ‘The Idol’ 

    'The Idol' starring Lily Rose-Depp and The Weeknd
    ‘The Idol’ starring Lily Rose-Depp and The Weeknd

    Parents Television and Media Council wants ‘The Idol’ off-air. They’ve raised objections over its graphic depiction of sex and a navel-gazing view of the female body. Besides, the show has come under fire for having scenes where male r**e fantasies are justified for art.

    Melissa Henson, the vice president of PTC, said,“‘The Idol’ has been rightfully planned by TV critics because each episode delves deeper into ‘torture porn’ and sexual abuse.” She sincerely hopes the show is not renewed for another season at HBO. There has been no comment from anyone involved with ‘The Idol’ since the statement came out.

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    Lily Rose-Depp Comes To The Defence Of Nudity In ‘The Idol’

    Lily Rose-Depp believes nudity is essential to a show like ‘The Idol.’

    HBO’s ‘The Idol’ centers around Jocelyn, a fading pop star. Still reeling from her mother’s death, Jocelyn is desperate to make a comeback. She soon finds herself in a dangerously co-dependent relationship with Tedros. The charismatic cult leader slowly brainwashes the poor girl, using her body as he sees fit.

    Lily Rose-Depp isn’t offended by her objective characterization. During her interview with The Sun, she talked about finding a sense of freedom in the nudity on the show. She told the outlet, “Maybe this makes me, like, a little twisted. But I feel really good after doing scenes like that because there’s something that feels very therapeutic about it to me — and maybe that’s why I like doing this job.”

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