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    How Powerful Is The Pope?

    The word ‘Pope’ comes from the Greek word Pappas which means father. He is the spiritual leader of Catholics around the world. He is selected by the College of Cardinals of the Catholic Church. Once elected the Pope holds his position until he resigns or he dies. The pontiff’s words are considered to be filled with faith and morals.

    The spread of Catholicism in Europe and the rise of the Pope have a history of about 2000 years. And being the head of an organization that serves about 1 billion people, the leader plays a very important role in most global matters. From poverty and hunger to war and peace, the Pope holds great importance in shaping many decisions. So how powerful is the Pope?

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    One Of The Most Powerful Leaders


    With about 1.3 followers from around the world, the Pope has spiritual, cultural, and political influence over all of them. The clergy was so powerful back in the 6th and 8th centuries. But all these have undergone tremendous changes over the years. In addition to being the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope is also the head of state of the Vatican City.

    More than political and religious duties, the pontiff also has the power to maintain the peace between countries. He has the power to influence the diplomatic relations between hundreds of nations. The prelate visits different countries in order to discuss the various issues faced by these countries. There, he also conducts masses and also addresses the public.

    The pontiff appoints new bishops and conducts liturgies. He also greets pilgrims and tourist weekly every Sunday from the window of his private study.

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    Pope Francis Named Sixth Among Most Powerful People In The World

    Pope Francis
    Pope Francis

    Pope Francis was named one of the most powerful people in the world by Forbes in 2018. He ranked sixth on the list. Pope Francis became very popular as he stood up to “transform the longstanding conservative image of the Catholic Church”. He became the head of the Catholic Church in 2013.

    He also fought against the male-dominated organization in order to appoint a woman as deputy head of the Vatican press office in 2016. He is also an advocate of climate change reforms, also works for the betterment of marginalized groups and refugees. 

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