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    “I Got Sick To My Stomach In One Take”: ‘Smile 2’ Star Lukas Gage Says A “Gory And Disgusting” Scene Made Him Vomit On Sets

    Hollywood’s world of horror is unlike the conventional films that generally have a star-studded cast and some mushy stories. Though the horror genre keeps the audiences on the edges of their seats and runs shivers down their spines, it also manages to keep them wanting more.

    The much anticipated upcoming horror movie release is ‘Smile 2‘. After a bone-chilling performance at the box office by its predecessor, the film has high hopes riding on its back. And to the audience’s delight, the film’s lead has confirmed that the movie is going to scare the h*ll out of its viewers.

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    Lukas Gage Reveals How ‘Smile 2’ Made Him Feel Scared On The Sets For The First Time

    Still from 'Smile'
    Still from ‘Smile’

    Fresh off the set of ‘Smile 2′, Lukas Gage has shared a chilling behind-the-scenes revelation that left him literally sick to his stomach. Playing the lead role in the film, Lukas opened up about the film’s preparations during an interview on SiriusXM’s ‘The Jess Cagle Show’, with Julia Cunningham and Jess Cagle.

    Recounting a particularly gruesome and unsettling scene during the filming of the movie, Gage said it caused him to vomit off-camera. Describing it as “gory and disgusting,” Gage admitted it was the first time he had ever felt genuinely afraid on set.

    “It’s so terrifying,” Gage said. “It was the first time I’ve ever been on a set where I was genuinely afraid, and I actually got sick to my stomach in one take.”

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    Lukas Gage Promises The Horror Sequel To Be A Horror-Filled Treat

    Still from 'Smile'
    Still from ‘Smile’

    As he teased the highly anticipated sequel helmed by Parker Finn, Lukas Gage assured fans that “if you love the first movie, you’re going to love this one.” He further promised a terrifying experience, though he couldn’t help but recall the intense moment that pushed him to his limits.

    It was so gory and so disgusting,” Gage explained, recalling the scene that triggered his physical reaction. When asked by Cagle to elaborate, Gage admitted, “I didn’t think I would. I just, it was so gory and so disgusting.”

    Cunningham joked about Gage’s off-camera vomiting, suggesting he should have saved it for the film. Cagle also chimed in, saying, “Doug Liman would’ve followed you in there,” referring to the director of the ‘Road House‘ reboot.

    Gage also further clarified that it was not just him alone who was freaked out by the creepiness of the scene. It disturbed many others on the set though it was just him who couldn’t help but physically react to it. To conclude, he assured that the film is an absolutely horrifying experience and should not be missed by horror- lovers.

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