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    ISIS Terms Harry Styles, Elon Musk And BTS Absolutely Disgusting Influence On Culture, Claims End Time Is Near

    Terror organizations have been active for a long time and it’s wishful thinking that such organizations would witness their end in the near future. ISIS is one of them and after spreading terror in various places around the world, they are going after celebrities.

    Harry Styles, Elon Musk, and BTS are their targets now as the organization claims that they are a bad influence on culture. Let’s check what ISIS had to say about all three.

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    ISIS Khorasan Province Goes After Celebs

    ISIS told the Muslim people to unfollow Harry Styles, Elon Musk and BTS

    ISIS Khorasan Province wrote in an article on Abu Bakr that a role model should influence everyone else and specifically the kids but in today’s world, mainstream media decides the role model based on popularity and behavior.

    The group further stated that it is shameful to live at a time when men are shy to be masculine and have righteous qualities but are glorified for their behavior, attitude, and qualities. They continued, “It’s a trend and ‘courageous’ for men to dress up like women and it is absolutely disgusting that even in Muslim countries people are following, celebrating and welcoming kuffr [disbeliever] celebrities.”

    The article stated that anyone who is a Muslim should avoid following Harry Styles, Elon Musk, and BTS because they consider it wrong for men to imitate women in the way they dress.

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    ISIS On Their Intention Behind The Article

    ISIS wrote a few other things in the letter including their intention

    ISIS stated in the article that they aimed to remind Muslim Ummah about the real role models and one of them is Khalifah, Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. They said that Abu Bakr had a lot of influence on Islam for his personality.

    They mentioned that Abu was a real and honorable individual and was popular as a rich merchant alongside the livelihood of the business. They added, “Despite having a well-established life with the Quraish community, he decided to bring iman [faith] upon the prophethood of Muhammad, became a Muslim and he fearlessly supported the cause of Islam throughout his life.”

    The article says that Bakr was never involved in any immoral and unethical activities which proves that he was an honorable man and that he was also a kind, courageous, strong-willed, and reliable person.

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