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    Jared Leto Hilariously Teases ‘Morbius 2’ In New Video

    Morbius’ was released in April. It starred Jared Leto in the role of Michael Morbius and was produced by Sony Pictures and comes out of the Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters. The film had a mixed reaction from the fans and the critics, but unanimously, people did not like this ‘Living Vampire’ film.

    It is one of the three-spin offs to the Spider-Man franchise following the Venom series. The film is about a scientist who fails to treat a rare blood-related disease, turning him into an antagonist. However, wittily, Jared shared a video on Twitter that confirms that Morbius 2 is on the cards.

    “It’s Morbin’ Time”: Jared Leto Shares A Meme-Video To Announce ‘Morbius 2’

    Jared Leto in the new Twitter video announcing Morbius 2
    Jared Leto in the new Twitter video announcing Morbius 2

    The ‘House Of Gucci’ star has hinted at the possible sequel of ‘Morbius‘ in the making. Today, he shared a video on Twitter with the caption, “What time is it?” In the video, Jared read something when an unknown person interrupted him. When the person approached the actor, he tried to conceal the thick pile of pages. When the person forced him, we got to see “Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time. Written by Bartholomew Cubbins” on the front page.

    This video comes when Sony Pictures has not confirmed anything officially yet. However, the video itself screams that it is a parody. The writer Bartholomew Cubbins is a character from the popular kids’ writer Dr. Seuss’ book ‘The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins‘. The actor in the video is wearing a Cubbins-inspired T-shirt.

    This is not the first time that a ‘Morbius 2‘ update came to the audience. Last month, Jared shared a picture posing with a peace sign on Twitter. Fans interpreted it as an update for the sequel. They inundated Leto’s comment box with questions like “MORBIUS 2 confirmed?”

    So, is ‘Morbius 2‘ happening? Well, we are now waiting for an official announcement.

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    Nishant Bhise
    Nishant Bhise
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