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Jeremiah Duggar Marries Hannah Wissmann, Calls It A ‘PERFECT DAY.’

The former reality stars Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann termed the event a “wonderful conclusion” as they announced their marriage to Us Weekly. On March 26, 2022, Jeremiah and Hannah married each other. The pair joined a long line of Duggar siblings who have married each other. Jedidiah Duggar, Jeremiah’s twin brother, walked down the hall nearly one year ago. Unlike many of his elder brothers, Jeremiah has kept his romance under wraps for the most part.

Jeremiah, 23, and 26-year-old Hannah were married at The First Baptist Church in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on Saturday, March 26.

What Did The Couple Have To Say?

 Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann
Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann

“Today was a magnificent day,” the newlyweds told the source, “as we stood before our family and friends and promised our lives to each other.”

“It was such a lovely culmination of so many prayers, wishes, and aspirations!” We’re thrilled to see how God will continue to lead our pathways now that we’ve witnessed His gracious hand in bringing our lives together.”

The couple came to the following conclusion: “We are excited to share our newlywed experience with you. Thank you for being a part of our happiness!”

Hannah wore a gown fashioned by Renee’s Bridal, who has produced gowns for all of the Duggar brides. They will live together in Duggar’s native state of Arkansas after the wedding. Following Jeremiah’s brother Justin, 18, and Claire Spivey, 19, married in Texas, this was the second Duggar wedding in recent memory. Jeremiah and Hannah were engaged earlier this year, but the date of their wedding was leaked online.

Jeremiah’s Announcement On Instagram Was A Hit

 Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann Got Married In A Church
Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann Got Married In A Church

Jeremiah announced the happy news on Instagram, writing, “She said YES!”

He went on to say: “Hannah, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you over the last year! I’m at a loss for words to express it. I can’t wait to marry you because you are the finest thing that has ever happened to me. I adore you.”

The young lovers have been candid about their feelings, sharing a photo of themselves with their arms around one other. Fans were taken aback by how close the pair appeared to be despite Jeremiah’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, enforcing a slew of controversial and stringent regulations for his children. These include abstinence, the prohibition of birth control, the prohibition of tattoos, and the reading of romance novels.

On Reddit, one commenter joked: “It’s a travesty! What a sham!” “Straight to hell,” mocked another.

“So are they going to forego the aggressive hand-holding?” a third commenter wondered. “He’s like, ‘I f**king dare you to say anything about this embrace, Dad,'” a fourth added.

Hannah is among thirteen siblings in her family that play as a musical trio. She earlier stated that she and Jeremiah met in person 10 or 15 years ago at one of her family’s Christmas presentations.

What Was The Reaction Of Their Fans?

 Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann And Their Post On Instagram
Jeremiah Duggar And Hannah Wissmann And Their Post On Instagram

Fans have already speculated that she is expecting Jeremiah’s child. After starting a YouTube channel, the young couple received the forecasts. One Duggar fan hypothesized on Reddit: “Jer and Hannah already have a YouTube channel set up, but no videos have been uploaded yet. I’m guessing their first post will be a video of their wedding, and their second will be a video announcing their pregnancy.”

The pregnancy speculations were also sparked by an Instagram video that showed the then-unmarried pair breaching the Duggar taboo of laying in bed together.

As one admirer put it: “This is fantastic. She’s now knocked pregnant.” “I’m pregnant simply from viewing this,” another fan said.

A third supporter added: “They’re cuddling in the front! So who knows what other crazy antics they’re up to!”

The joy comes as elder brother Josh Duggar’s sentence has been postponed by two months, despite the fact that he faces 20 years in jail for child pornography accusations.

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