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    JK Rowling And The New WB CEO Reportedly Meet To Discuss The Future Of Harry Potter

    Good news for the Potter heads. All the fans know how Harry Potter ended in “Deathly Hollows Part 2”. A brief glimpse of the futures of the characters was shown. The movie ended with Harry and Genie and Hermione and Ron sending their children back to Hogwarts.

    After Cursed Child J. K. Rowling declared there won’t be any more books or Harry Potter movies. Soon after that the spin-off “Fantastic Beasts Where to Find Them” started. Even though they were not in the same league as the original, they warmed the hearts of the fans. In a recent development, the new CEO of WarnerDiscovery has said that he would love to see Wizarding World getting explored further. This has provided the Potterheads a new hope.

    Omg, Is Harry Potter Really Coming Back?

    Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
    Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

    Warner Bros recently got a new CEO David Zaslav. According to the recent tweet, the new CEO is very much interested to see Harry Potters’s future through. JK Rowling will meet him to discuss the possibility. The news has warmed the hearts of many Potterheads even though there has been no confirmation. The alleged tweet said “The new CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav is very interested by the Wizarding World. He plans a lot of content for HBO Max and cinema. He’ll meet with the Wizarding World team in the coming weeks.”

    This is very exciting news for the fans. The news that HBO Max will be making a Harry Potter TV show is of course very exciting news for the Wizarding World fans all over the globe. The Wall Street Journal confirmed that David Zaslav has plans to meet the Harry Potter creator. They said “At the same time, Mr. Zaslav is looking to make fresh “Harry Potter”-related content for HBO Max—Warner Bros. made all the wizarding franchise’s movies—people familiar with his thinking said, and plans to meet with creator J.K. Rowling in the coming weeks to discuss the matter.”

    What Was The Fans Reaction To The Tweet?

    As much as fans are excited about the possibility of new Harry Potter movies the most probable future still remains about the spin-offs. Some fans were concerned about the future of “Fantastic Beasts”.

    One fan tweeted “So essentially they are abandoning fantastic beasts and want to create entirely new WW content? I don’t get it.” Another fan tweeted “That isn’t what was said at all but at the same time that wouldn’t be bad thing they could finish off the story in another trilogy the title fantastic beasts doesn’t even make sense now lmao”.

    After JK Rowling said she wouldn’t be writing any more books fans were quite disheartened. But it looks like there is still a ray of hope left for the Potterheads. Even though there is no news about the meeting, fans have their fingers crossed.

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