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    Kanye West Took “Things Too Far” As Elon Musk Has To Ban Ye On Twitter

    The damage that Kanye West has caused to himself and his image is irreversible. The two months long hate spewing behavior reached its pinnacle when the rapper appeared on the Alex Jones show with Nick Fuentes which heavily hurt his credibility as a person and as an artist. Many fans and hip-hop heads condemned the statements and behavior that he displayed on the show.

    Elon Musk is also not having a good time with his newly acquired Twitter deal. The Tesla owner has been an ardent endorser and subscriber of free speech. When he was in the process to complete his Twitter deal, he aimed to make the platform conducive for his critics as well. Recently, he reinstated the accounts of many people who were suspended earlier including Donald Trump. When he restored the accounts, Musk welcomed Kanye. But, now the new CEO thinks that Kanye has taken “things too far”.

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    Elon Musk Was Praising Kanye West When He Re-Joined Twitter

    Kanye West and Elon Musk
    Kanye West and Elon Musk

    It is not new to see Kanye West spiral, but it was a revelation to what extent he can spiral. Since October 2022, the ‘N****s In Paris’ rapper has been on a rampage to malign communities whether it is racial or religious. During the Paris Fashion Week 2022, he introduced his new Yeezy collection which had “White Lives Matter” shirts.

    Due to his fashion statement, he received a lot of flak from the industry and people online. But, when West said that he will go “defcon3” on people, things started going downhill.Celebrities and industry giants denounced the music producer’s anti-Semitism. But, one of his friends, Elon Musk, was rejoicing his coming back on Twitter after he acquired it. Kanye West lost many deals and projects due to his continued behavior. However, Musk kept enabling his behavior.


    The SpaceX owner also claimed that West room his “concerns” to heart after the anti-Semitic tweet. He propagated to not kill what he hates, and save what Kanye loves after Kanye came back on Twitter when Trump was reinstated. He wrote, “Shalom :)”, which indicates “peace” in Hebrew.

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    Elon Musk Thinks Now That Things Went Too Far

    Kanye West and Elon Musk
    Kanye West and Elon Musk

    After enabling his erratic behavior, Musk fell flat on his face post the Alex Jones episode with Kanye West. The two along with Nick Fuentes went rogue and made some outrageous claims with Ye continuing his anti-Semitism. The internet reacted very strongly to this whole fiasco. During the show, Nick and Jones took over Ye’s Twitter and started tweeting on his behalf. But, even after the show, Kanye continued his hate-mongering behavior.

    In a tweet, Kanye sent out a picture of Musk where he sent him a picture of Swastika embedded in a star of David. The picture is offensive from the point of view that the star of David is sacred for Jews and the Swastika represents Nazis, who executed a holocaust against them. To this, Musk replied in his DMs, “Sorry, but you’ve gone too far. This is not love”. Ye asked him Now, Kanye’s Twitter account remains suspended for “inciting violence”.

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