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    ‘Lights Out 2’: Why Is The Sequel Taking So Long?

    Lights Out is one horror film that features the elements of The Conjuring universe. With a runtime of only 80 minutes, the appearance of the evil entity Diana was able to terrify audiences and critics with ample jumpscares and a solid backstory.

    Following the release of the first film in 2016, a sequel was confirmed to be in development. However, there have been no updates from the producers on what’s going on. As the first film ended without any cliffhanger, audiences are still expecting Diana to be resurrected by some miracle so that she can wreak havoc once again.

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    What’s Happening With ‘Lights Out 2’?

    Since ‘Lights Out’ was a box office success when it was released in 2016, Warner Bros. had enough confidence in David F. Sandberg to bring him in for another project. Sandberg was asked to helm ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods‘ and was busy with the project since 2019. However, during the promotion of the ‘Shazam!’ sequel in 2022, Sandberg revealed to Slash Film that the sequel of ‘Lights Out‘ depends on the age of Gabriel Bateman.

    He further added that the story could take a gap of a few years and although the plans have not been revealed yet, there have been a few discussions with the studio.

    Sandberg has mentioned Bateman’s name and this hints that he will return in the sequel. This also means that the original cast members might reprise their roles but everything is speculation for now.

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    Possible Reasons Behind The Delay

    When ‘Lights Out’ was released in theatres, a sequel was confirmed by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Sandberg was confirmed to return as the director alongside Eric Heisserer as the writer. Although fans were excited, they were also disappointed as the producers remained silent about the sequel for a long time.

    The possible reason behind the film’s delay was the evolution of the superhero world. Starting in 2016, MCU and DCEU started releasing big-budget projects, and while ‘Shazam!’ turned out to be a box office success, Sandberg was brought in as the director for the sequel and because superhero movies involved a lot of hard work, ‘Lights Out 2’ was not given much importance.

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