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    “My Videos Cost Millions”: YouTuber MrBeast Rebuffs Elon Musk’s Offer Due To Poor Monetisation Laws

    Millionaires are ruthless people, used to having the world bend to their will. They move
    the ends of the earth to bring about the change they desire, asserting themselves above
    the everyday population. So you can imagine the look on Elon Musk’s face when MrBeast told him ‘no.’ His attempt to bring more traction to X has received another setback.

    MrBeast, who currently sits as a significant streamer on YouTube, was invited to upload his content on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform. However, the Kansas-born
    Youtuber expressed no desire to switch platforms. MrBeast, known as Jimmy Donaldson, is better off sticking to his current stomping ground since X can’t help him earn back his production value costs.

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    MrBeast Has No Plans To Move To Elon Musk’s X

    MrBeast Has Rebuffed Elon Musk's Offer To Move To X
    MrBeast Has Rebuffed Elon Musk’s Offer To Move To X

    On some fronts, he has failed, and on others, he’s praised. But there’s no denying Elon Musk has been relentless in making X (formerly Twitter) a one-for-all social media experience. A feather in his proverbial hat would have been the support of a prominent YouTube star. But the idea was soon shot down by, no thanks to X’s murky monetization laws.

    Elon Musk-owned X’s users set the stage for a potential partnership between the billionaire CEO and MrBeast. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO expressed further interest but was rejected by the widely renowned streamer. It turns out that X is currently not big enough for MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson’s content. Donaldson posted, ” My videos cost millions to make and even if they got a billion views on X it wouldn’t fund a fraction of it :/ I’m down though to test stuff once monetization is really cranking!”

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    Former X CEO Faces Lawsuit Over Lack Of Payments

    Elon Musk-owned X is embroiled in a lawsuit for not paying promised bonuses
    Elon Musk-owned X is embroiled in a lawsuit for not paying promised bonuses.

    Elon Musk is being dragged to the courts once again. This time, the alleged crime is failing to pay severance to several former employees. Since taking over Twitter (now X), Musk quickly fired 80% of its staff. But the billionaire has shirked from doing the right thing, adding another to the pile of previous lawsuits against him.

    Several vendors who previously worked with Elon Musk claim that the tech mogul owes over $14 million in unpaid bills. Back in 2022, Mark Schobinger, ex-senior director of compensation at X, brought a lawsuit against his former boss for not delivering on the promise of bonuses. Despite X trying to throw out the case, it found another life in California court.

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