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    “Not My King”: Why King Charles Is Facing Backlash After His Coronation?

    After the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8, 2022, King Charles succeeded the throne. While it is still a national mourning period for his mother, there are a lot of prevailing backlashes. His decades of controversy regarding infidelity in his marriage to Princess Diana left him, and now-Queen consort Camilla, deeply unpopular.

    This controversy was followed by several others which left Charles in really bad grace of people. Now as King, scrutiny of Charles has only heightened. There are people who are coming forward and openly criticizing his reign. There were a lot of protests that occurred during events commemorating the U.K.’s Queen Elizabeth II’s death and announcement of King Charles III as the new monarch.

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    What Is The Backlash About?

    The ‘X factor‘ star duo @planetjedward recently tweeted something highly controversial on Twitter. The pop twins that have represented Ireland twice at Eurovision recently called on the monarchy to be abolished. They said, “Abolish the monarchy and give the people real democracy!” They even added, “King Charles should hand back the six Irish counties on his visit to Northern Ireland – No war! Just words! It’s time.”

    They have since shared an image that reads “NOT MY KING” with the caption “Freedom of speech”. For a non-British person to tweet this is a bit odd. The tweets sparked backlash on social media, and the ‘Corries‘ actor also openly spoke up against them. ‘ITV Coronation Street‘ star Charlie Lawson who portrayed Jim McDonald on the soap launched an X-rated tirade towards Jedward after this tweet. “Shut up y’pair of t****!!,” replied Charlie Lawson.

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    Why Are People Against The Rule Of King Charles?

    King Charles and Queen Elizabeth II

    ‘Not My King’ was trending on Twitter as Prince Charles ascended to the British throne and became King Charles III. Not only this, but people have been seen carrying anti-monarchist signs, and shouting slogans across the country to mark the death of the Queen. As the United Kingdom mourns the death of the country’s longest-reigning monarch, they are also protesting to abolish monarchy altogether. But why do Charles’ own people not like him?

    King Charles III has been a part of too many controversies. Reportedly, he accepted 3 million euros from Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, as donations to his charitable fund between 2011 and 2015. In the Panorama interview, (1995) his ex-wife Princess Diana revealed personal details about their marriage.

    She revealed Charles’ infidelity and said, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Moreover, he has also been accused of interfering in the affairs of the British government. There are certainly a lot of controversies over the years if we look back. Only time will tell what his reign will bring.

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