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    Robert Pattinson Reveals That His Role In Twilight Saga Was Criticized By His Mother

    Robert Pattinson is a well-known name in Global Cinematic Industry. Pattinson began his film career by playing the character Cederic Digory in the fantasy film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Robert reached the pick of success with his tremendous acting in legendary movies like “Remember Me”, “High Life”, “Cosmopolis”, and the list goes on and on.

    He was also cast in the spy movie “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan and received hugely positive reviews for his marvelous acting as Batman in Matt Reeve’s film “The Batman”(2022).

    Mother Of Robert Pattinson Used To Roast His Work In “Twilight Saga”

    Robert with mother
    Robert with mother

    Talking about Robert’s acting brings us to one of his best series which is “twilight Saga” where he plays Edward Cullen. When it comes to being critical of one’s work, a mother tops the list more than anyone else. No exceptions were there in Robert’s case as well.

    Though the movie series has achieved a huge fanbase throughout the world, he has been criticized by his mother Clare Pattinson about his role in this movie. Even Robert himself comments that he finds it ‘strange’ that people like the franchise and has compared his character to an ‘ax murderer.

    Catherine Reveals Clare’s Negetivities About His Son Playing Edward Cullen

    robert and catherine
    Robert and Catherine

    While speaking with an insider, The “Twilight Saga” Director Catherine Hardwick disclosed Robert’s heartfelt concern about the movie.

    “Rob came up to me one day, and he goes, ‘Catherine, look at all these mean things that people are saying online. I’m hideous…,” the Twilight director said. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, Rob, you can’t read all this. You just gotta focus. I swear to god, we have a plan,” Catherine replied to Robert Pattinson. “You’re going to be amazing looking, and everyone’s going to love you. Just do not read these things,” she continued. “And he goes, ‘But my mom sent it to me,” Hardwicke said.

    Catherine told Pattinson to not focus on the distasteful comments. She encouraged him for his tremendous work. However criticisms apart, Robert achieved a huge fanbase for this movie. Many people loved his role and acting as well.

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