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    Roe Vs Wade: Piers Morgan Criticizes Michelle Obama As She Misspells ‘Woman’ In A Related Post

    In the 21st Century, women do not have any agency over their bodies. In the recent turn of events, a bill that overturns Roe Vs Wade was leaked. Justice Samuel Alito prepared a draft for the majority conservatives in Dobbs Vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This leak appeared on the website named Politico. The leaked majority opinion includes the decision to topple the Roe Vs. Wade decision of 1973 which legalized the right to abortion. This has caused uproar in Washington D.C. as protestors stormed the state to protect abortion rights.

    Many actors, celebrities, and artists have come forward against the overturning of the historic decision. Megan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, Phoebe Bridgers, Ariana Grande, and others have come in support of Pro-choice protesters to protect abortion rights. The former First Lady of America, Michelle Obama too came in support of pro-choice protesters via her social media, but Piers Morgan has criticized this move with silly reasoning.

    Piers Morgan Slams Michelle Obama For Her Pro-Abortion Post

    Piers Morgan and Michelle Obama
    Piers Morgan and Michelle Obama

    On May 2, state affairs fumed and astonished the country. On a website, Politico, a majority opinion of five Justices was leaked regarding overturning the historic Roe Vs. Wade. In 1973, the Federal Court of the USA upheld women’s abortion rights. However, not every state positively welcomed the ruling. 

    The origin of this ruling can be traced back to 1969 when Norma McCorvey, a 22-year-old, unmarried woman was denied abortion in the state of Texas. Unless it threatens the life of the mother, abortion was illegal in the state.

    The Supreme Court finally upheld the rights of women to make the decisions regarding their bodies under the 14th Amendment. Supreme Court gave the states power to voluntarily decide the abortions in the second and third trimesters.

    Now, after 52 years of the decision, the conservative justices are drafting a bill to overturn the Roe Vs Wade ruling. Many pro-choice protesters, celebrities, activists, and politicians are lobbying hard to prevent the bill from becoming law. 

    However, the criticism that these people are getting is unquantifiable. Recently, Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama educated their social media followers about the abortion regulation draft and voting registration. 

    She wrote, “It’s been a tough couple of weeks since we saw the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion on abortion. If it comes to pass, we may soon live in a country where millions of women — not to mention our children and grandchildren — lose the right to make decisions about their bodies and their health.”

    She continued, “Even if we knew the courts were heading toward this day, it doesn’t make the frustration, grief, and fear any less real. But we don’t have to stand idly by while others try to turn back the clock on progress.”

    She added, “I’m so inspired by everyone out marching today. And I know that we’re going to see so many folks carrying this energy forward to the elections in November and in every election after that.”

    Michelle attracted the attention of many Republicans and conservatives when she wrote, “State lawmakers will have the power to strip womxn of the right to make decisions about their bodies and their healthcare.” In the statement, she misspelled the word ‘women’ as ‘womxn.’

    This agitated many, especially Piers Morgan, the English broadcaster, who wrote, “So in supposedly defending women’s rights, she can’t even use the word ‘women’- unbelievable.” Another Republican poll analyst said, “Democrats, don’t expect the Obamas to save you from weird woke terminology.” 

    A former CNN political commentator chimed, “Just asking a practical question here, how does one pronounce “womxn?” The reason that ‘womxn’ is widely being used in the daily political vocabulary is its patriarchal origins. 

    As per “womxn” is an alternative to ‘woman’ and ‘women. It is to prevent any sexist connotations perceived in the ‘m-a-n’ and ‘m-e-n’. It is beneficial for Trans and non-binary individuals.

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    Nishant Bhise
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