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    Russian Priest Beats Ukrainian Priest With Cross At Soldier’s Funeral

    The Russia-Ukraine War has been going on for several months now. The war has resulted in massive casualties and total destruction of Ukraine. It has also caused Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since the second world war. Millions of Ukraine citizens have either fled or are displaced.

    As the war continues, we get to hear a new detail every day. Recently, a video shows a Russian priest attacking a Ukrainian priest with a crucifix at a funeral for a dead soldier of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

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    Russian Priest Attack Ukrainian Priest At Funeral

    On July 30, Newsweeks shared a video on Twitter that shows the hate has spilled even on the general public of Russia and Ukraine amidst the ongoing war.

    The 31-second long video shows a Russian priest attacking a Ukrainian priest with a crucifix at a funeral. The funeral was conducted for a martyred soldier of Ukraine.

    Newsweek captioned it, “Video shows a Russian priest attacking a Ukrainian priest with a crucifix at a funeral for a fallen soldier of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.”

    The video, which shows the effect of war on human behavior, has a Russian priest attacking another priest as people try to intervene.

    People on the internet criticized the Russian priest for resorting to violence.

    Another user wrote, “I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure if you hit another person with a crucifix, you’re doing Christianity wrong.”

    Russia-Ukraine War, Explained

    Russia & Ukraine war
    Russia & Ukraine war

    On 24 February this year, Russia invaded Ukraine under the command of its President Vladimir Putin. The escalation had begun in 2014 and Putin has claimed that he wants to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine.

    The war has created total chaos and destruction in Ukraine and global food shortages. Around 10 million Ukrainians have fled the country.

    Russian forces have continued to bomb both military and civilian targets far from the frontline of the war. Places like Kyiv, Lviv, and Serhiivka near Odesa, and Kremenchuk, among others. The Luhansk Oblast region was fully captured by the Russian forces on 3 July.

    Ukrainian President Zelensky was lauded for not fleeing the country and staying in Kyiv to fight back. The invasion has since received widespread international condemnation. Several companies and organizations withdrew their services from Russia. The Russian currency has plummeted since the invasion began. Several countries have imposed sanctions on Russia.

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