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    Sattelite Images Show Taylor Swift’s Intensely Packed Denver Show Had Almost 8000 Cars In Parking Lot

    Another day, another day of Taylor Swift showing us all who really is the boss around here! While Taylor Swift is on the move, touring for Eras Tour- probably one of the biggest tours in history, earning millions of dollars- and fans; she is also breaking records and setting new ones, dropping albums and music videos. She really is – the man.

    And while Swift’s Eras tour is all set up to become one of the most successful tours of history, here are new reports that suggest that this record-breaking tour can be seen – get this – from space. Here’s how you can probably take a look at Taylor Swift’s concert from high above!

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    Taylor Swift’s Concert Was Pictured On A Satellite Image

    About 7,200 cars were seen parked surrounding the stadium in images acquired on Saturday by the satellite intelligence company BlackSky. According to BlackSky, cars began to arrive up to five hours before the event began. For the concert, more than millions of people registered. Many disappointed concertgoers who were denied access to tickets watched the show from outside the stadium.

    The ‘Bejeweled’ singer is now set to become a billionaire by the end of this tour. Billionaire (Taylor’s Version) soon.

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    What’s Next For Taylor Swift?

    Miss Americana sure has a packed year. Following up on the re-recordings of Speak Now, Swift has reportedly surpassed her own record for the most positions held at once by a female performer on the Streaming Songs chart, according to Billboard. Besides orchestrating one of the most successful tours in history, she has also dropped a music video starring Taylor Lautner and Joey King.

    Fans are now speculating that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) might be the next re-recording that she puts out. She has also recently teased a tour video along with the song Cruel Summer- which she has recently declared a single from the Lover album.

    One thing’s for sure. Taylor is making sure Swifties don’t have a Cruel Summer.

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