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    Sophie Turner Says She Is Done Theorizing The Staircase

    Sophie Turner is known for her role in the “Game of Thrones.” Recently, She signed up for a series called “The Staircase” streaming on HBO max. It is a true crime series based on a popular French documentary. The 26 year old actress said that she was very excited to work on the series.

    Sophie Turner Discussed The Project On The Tonight Show


    Sophie Turner was the great star present on the Tonight Show on Friday. The host, Jimmy Fallon asked her about the series to which the star replied firmly. When Jimmy wanted to hear her thoughts on the story, Turner replied “Its insane.” Turner also revealed that she found out the documentary via Netflix.

    She said, “And so about six months later, I found out they were making an HBO show about it, and I was like, sign me up.”

    When Jimmy asked Turner if her opinion changed while filming for the show, she replied, “I’m so done talking about what happened.”

    The actress pointed out that her show’s team would frequently debate the events, and she added, “Everyone had theories. I was theorizing for so long, and then by this point, I’m just like, I’m over it.”

    “The Staircase”- The Limited Series

    The staircase
    The staircase

    The series revolves around Michael Peterson, a novelist accused of murdering his wife. Sophie Turner play’s the role of Michael’s daughter, Margaret Ratliff. Turner revealed to Fallon that she was a big fan of the 2004 French documentary.

    The cast includes Sophie Turner, Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dane DeHaan, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Juliette Binoche. There is a bit of deviation from the original story in the series.

    “This show is about that, but it’s not another telling of the same thing,” Turner explained. “It actually is about the making of the documentary, on top of the case that’s going on, because there’s layers and layers and layers of corruption.”

    The staircase” is currently streaming on HBO max.

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